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  1. Money wise smart decision but not for the community.
  2. jitbit is literally like owning a bot, do whtever u want
  3. I think OSBOT is getting DDoSed
  4. It is just stuck there, tried starting script 3x, settings were right but it just got stuck there and didn't click on the gold bracelets. Also I tried zooming in, zooming out, default zoom. https://gyazo.com/c34d5bc993e673a73de207fcf2bd8ef9
  5. I really wonder how old people are who can actually enjoy him
  6. hope he gets permed
  7. I got the auth, ty but what are the requirements to use everything in this script? ty Token
  8. Bjotorsflav

    Hello All

    I really hope that they will ban anime from all around the world
  9. "can't reach" when it enters the bank and needs to click on the poll thing and then just stands there. Manually clicked on the poll thing and it kept doing everything itself after that.-
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