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  1. @Gunmanexcuse me ser but dis phat nub i harrashing u
  2. Last year I fixed this and it's not really that good of a script...
  3. Finally -hwmouse, YESSSSSS!!!
  4. I want to put something in your mouth...
  5. Now when I started in a P2P world it says true and hops into P2P world
  6. On mirror, will close and reopen the client on a P2P world
  7. @ProjectPactMy account is member but it says false and there is no setting to turn it on too and now my member account is hopping between f2p worlds. https://gyazo.com/948d29b60e03e3655049a13c187b59e8
  8. 24/7 online? Well it will get banned if it runs 3 days straight 24/7, it's just not worth it
  9. Just make a tutorial island script that doesn't get u banned
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