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  1. Probably 10m 07 beacause of the bans it already has. It's too high risk to put zulrah gear on and then get banned before I even make that 10m back
  2. How does the break manager work? Can't seem to save it
  3. Tried using stealth quester biohazard but starting the quest it just got suck with the dialouge, it didn't click yes but just restarted the chat.
  5. You even gave me the hunter script, ty. Made fresh lvl 3 member and it died while progressive, idk how. Did the varrock musem and then died somewhere. Restarted the script tho
  6. Hey, you liked my comment but I don't see the script on my list, lol?
  7. Hey! Can I get a trial just to test it out and see what I can do with it and if I need it or not!
  8. Used mirror mode, new hardware mouse. Stealth quester teleported to varrock and started to run to the small bank and clicked to walk and then said failed webwalking and took a 3 step way back just to drink stamina pot and then ran to the bank
  9. btw who the f is waifu? I bet he's the size of my left leg. HAHAHA! Anime sucks btw and so do you
  10. Should I order my ferrari already or wait till 2021?
  11. You can't use proxy with mirror mode unless you use it with proxifier
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