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  1. Oh you, happy Christmas 

    1. Krysler


      Merry christmas, brother :)

  2. heyyy bud hope you're doing well! 

  3. damn project, way to go! gl
  4. Aight @Czar, so I stumpled upon a problem when trying to craft battlestaffs. When I start the script, and fill out the GUI with the task system, and click start bot, the bot just sits there, doesn't move the mouse, nothing. I used the standard fixed client window, btw. This is what the logger showed me, I am not sure if it is to any help. [INFO][Bot #1][12/23 08:38:06 PM]: [INFO][Bot #1][12/23 08:38:06 PM]: "ss_gem_activity" "Cut_gems" [INFO][Bot #1][12/23 08:38:06 PM]: "ss_ge_target_amount" "300" [INFO][Bot #1][12/23 08:38:06 PM]: "ss_gem_product" "(34)_Uncut_ruby" [INFO]
  5. spending time with my family. lol, can't wait to show them the presents I bought them.
  6. congrats @ProjectPact! you 100% deserve it for all your hard work. keep up the good work my man.
  7. https://gyazo.com/bc08fc6569744efdb2e688a5a4bea678 fully botted 1 month in the working. suicided.
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