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  1. Vi X

    Stealth Quester

    Hi @Token just stopping by to say thank you again for putting together and maintaining this script. I'm going through all of the quests again for the 4th time on a another "main" account and every script thus far (ran about 30) have been completed with no hicups. Looking forward to seeing more scripts added. Anyone reading through this chain thinking about buying this script. DO IT. its worth every penny.
  2. Awesome thus far! Gave the video a thumbs up. Looking forward to Ep2. Best of luck!
  3. Recently i decided to try and bot again after loosing all of my 1000+ total level accounts May last year. i had a rested low level account that i hand played for a month over a year ago. Decided to try and get 99 Firemaking with Khal Wintertdot while the combat level was still low... played a total of 8 hours between two days with tons of breaks . Woke up to a 1 day ban today. Not blaming Khal's script at all, its beautifully written, but Jagex's detection and bot busting have been effective.
  4. Hey Patrick, i'll run this for you.
  5. Great update! New hardware mouse as been working well.
  6. I wouldn't mind a free lifetime. Good luck everyone.
  7. Could do NMZ with Mouse recorder. wouldn't be a 2-3 min loop but you can set up markers in RuneLite and never resize your screen and it can work for days/weeks.
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