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  1. link poggers how u buddy

  2. hi buddy how u doin

  3. Hi fren

    1. Swaq


      hey mate, long time no see around these waters. hows life been

    2. GoldenGates


      Getting better making strides good looks we chillin. hbu what you been up to

  4. Pog dbuff it's been ages my man, super glad to see you doing so good ^.^
  5. Post here please not going first unless you're trusted don't mind going in increments or using an MM. ty ty Or just PM me you discord ez clap Pog
  6. Can show balance and that good stuff I'll buy about 100m pretty please.
  7. Or the 190m I'll take either (preferably the 190m lol)
  8. Disputed Member: @Typical (https://osbot.org/forum/profile/216119-typical/) Thread Link: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/125147-main-account-for-sale-rigaugdagprime/ Explanation: Spends 2 days stalling and giving me the account, then recovers it a few hours after sale (password changed) Evidence: https://gyazo.com/b5bb463f94136d07e615fa08ec4b2057 (Login doesn't work which it did when I received the info) https://gyazo.com/715d762a3c5e948c449d8bebc4d3639b (Deletes me from Discord when I check after) https://gyazo.com/dc06face0a7db7ebfa02ef70363c67d0 (Stalls giving me the account after I give MM the cash for 2 whole days) I can provide more discord chat logs over teamviewer, unless he has an explanation should be an easy ban. Also: Claims there was only 1 email: https://gyazo.com/5bbfc54383805f015f9881b1888e52d4 But when I try to recover, there's another: https://gyazo.com/243261afdeafed13ef8be08a796dd909 https://osbot.org/forum/profile/145070-howest/ was the MM he can confirm all this, and I believe he was his worker too.
  9. Who was this guy? Also @sneaky halp me unban the acc kek
  10. I'll buy your whole stock (or 200m if you have more than that).
  11. I want to believe this and say it's true pretty cool. This was 100% true.
  12. Interested. 2nd macroing major (perm this time) on a high level main. It has a 100m+ bank which you can keep if you can get it unbanned if I can get a discount of price of attempts. Account was made on diff. IP and was bought/botted about a few weeks back. Totally 'hacked'able imo
  13. Willing to go up to $1.05 maybe. PM me your Discord (no Skype). BUYING 150M NOW Trusted MM will be used if you're not trusted and not wanting to go first. If you're trusted I'll go first.
  14. Do we get any personal (like irl) contact details from you (eg. phone number, facebook, etc.). Assuming both buyer and seller have good intentions of selling the account and giving the currency without hassle it seems like a good idea. Just a precaution with the low FB you have 200m bid
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