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  1. Updated after a long time, please report any bugs. I should have fixed most issues including it being stuck when there is a drop party happening in party room.
  2. This is really cool, hopefully this will get others into scripting that were too scared to touch it beforehand.
  3. Sorry, I've been away for awhile due to uni. I just pushed a small update adding wizard hats and chef hats for now, I plan on adding a gui so you can pick what you want to loot in the future.
  4. Sorry, I've been away for awhile due to university. I tested it today and it seems to still work fine. may I know what the log says if you get this error again?
  5. Gz on release, I've been wondering about the ban rate on botting this as I cant find a way to autoclick it for more than an hour, not sure if it would be safer to pump or do barb fishing. Would be cool to see some progresses / ban reports eventually.
  6. Could i have a trial please?
  7. you need coins in your inventory.
  8. pretty sure it wont automatically reoccur
  9. nmz, flick rapid heal every 30-59 seconds keeps you at 1hp.
  10. I made my own auto clicker, have done 90 str and 95 magic with it no issues.
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