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Better Late Than Never.


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Hello all,

I've spent a week here, at OsBot and I can happily say that thus far it's definitely in my opinion the best osrs bot I've used. I've been botting since 2012, in the good old days. Previous achievements whilst botting are mainly Pre-EOC but I have also had my share on Osrs as well.

Throughout the days of rsbuddy (since it's no longer available, I hope this does go against ToS for advertising) I managed to achieve; 99 herblore, thieving, magic, firemaking, woodcutting, cooking, fishing, fletching and last but not least agility. I only got a 2 day ban throughout achieving all these 99's which I would say is very lucky, though the bot detection back then was definitely not up to today's standards.

In Osrs I've managed to achieve; 99 agility, firemaking, woodcutting, fishing, fletching & thieving however sadly that account has now been permanently banned. 

So far it's been amazing to use the client, there are so many great scripts that I've used & so many more I'm going to use in the future. All the scripters are quick to reply and fix bugs which is amazing to see.

A little bit of background information about myself: 

I've been staff & support for a few botting communities, As they're still active, I wont say which ones.

I've been playing runescape since 2004, I still have access to the first ever account I created, which surprisingly was never botted & has never been banned (explains why the stats are so terrible.)

Scripting and coding is something I used to do when I was a lot younger, though these days I have 0 time to do so. But it's something I'd love to try and get back into.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this community & happy botting. 

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2 hours ago, Promo said:

Welcome back!

Now i see you like scripting and coding. Can you make a nice fruit stall thieving script?

Should I ever get some time free due to work and real life I will definitely look into this :) I'll post a progress of the account I'm currently botting tonight when I get home.

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According to every other OSRS bot forum, Our community is the most toxic and unhelpful... I strongly disagree, I guess some people can't handle tough love and savage banter, so hopefully you're not to sensitive! :gnome:

osbot does have the best API in my opinion, I've tried coding for others and it's basically a cluster fuck, Don't get me started on over saturated markets either, The SDN is great on this Site.

Enjoy your stay! Forever🐎

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