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  1. Then proceeds to spoon feed make a method to check if the bank isOpen() by using widgets Check if Bank is closed and items are in getInventory() You can use the API to find api.getInventory().contains("Iron Penis")) api.getInventory().interact("Equip", "Iron Penis");
  2. I think the point is, If you only use statics for what they are intended for, Whilst using proper Object Orientated Design principles, then you wont have to worry about these issues of " what if I use multiple Bot windows instead ".
  3. ok so the fact that the account has a login time of under 1 week Is pretty suspicious, If your account was detected using a bot client and they checked manually checked your account and they see less then 1 week play time 500k+ or Supplies without stats Was using third party Botting software ( Doesn't matter what script you use ) Then it's a pretty obvious ban, it also explains why the guy who commented hasn't been banned because if he never ran a bot client on the account then You go from a botter to " Some guy who transfers cash from his main? maybe he was making a 2nd account? ", So the bot detection is fucking you in the ass here.
  4. Does that mean If I use static booleans in my GUI and someone opens 10 of the same script on 1 client, All 10 will be affected? Is this why we use Getters and Setters? Whats the point of even having static fields then...?
  5. Ah my bad, I wasn't able to find it, Cheers!
  6. I plan on releasing a F2p Script for Scripter rank 1 however... Rules from this post seem kinda out-dated, Its from 2017 Most Recent Script-Development-Rules I could find https://osbot.org/forum/announcement/62-script-rules-read-before-applying/ Some of these rules are contradicted and unclear In an evolving market, I think a new approach to the SDN's restrictions would be great for 2019 whilst keeping OSBOT in the top Variety script markets, ( or at least an updated Rules Thread...). No low Level monster killers - But There is Already a poorly made Chicken script on the SDN? No Slayer Scripts - But Ultimate Slayer just got released? ( Not trying to burst anyone bubble, great job to the devs on that Script BTW ) No Multi Leveling ( Restrictions 3 ) does that include combat E.g. Att, Str, Def = 3? This also holds back the power of this community. Just curious on this one So what's the go ?
  7. Its strange, I've heard people that just transfer 50-200m+ From their Alt Accounts no problem ( Probably because identical IP Addresses ) But then sometimes you can get banned for RWT because of trading interactions that have involve cheap gold farming websites that are just getting there community's flagged. The account you sell the gold on is at risk, Assume Ban and if not you-got-lucky Now I don't know how if this theory holds any value, But if it were me? I would try organize someone to hybrid fight me with max gear in wildy, Then just obviously lose to them but here's the secret. Shortly after the deed has been done you go and rant about how you are quitting 4lyfe, Don't forget to say "fuck life, i have nothing, cya world" for 1 hour and chuck a sad tantrum @ the GE, Now thats Anti-Ban
  8. Lets say I release my first script to the public via Forum Download. Then It takes my first script and it takes 4-6 Weeks before it is approved and uploaded to the SDN, This makes it vulnerable during this whole time... Whats stopping people from Drag-n-Dropping my compiled.Java into a Java Decompiler? and stealing all my code? Am I able to remove white-space and make my Variable & function names impossible to understand, Whilst supplying admins with a normal copy? How do you go about this process?
  9. The Tithe farm was disgusting, but tbh the entire Map of ZEAH was designed zoomed out way to far, you can tell the dev's fucked up because it's the most spacious part of OSRS Honestly doesn't have enough valuable content, It needed to be a Osrs Expansion like you see in Witcher III and other DLC games, but instead Zeah is just a spacious copy paste with a few side hoes Castle Wars is still Dead Barbarian Assault is still cancer LMS still dead REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  10. Wouldn't the Venezuela drop out make gold prices increase^? I also wouldn't be so confident that the prices go higher anytime soon, We lost a very important mod, Not sure if something is happening inside the OSRS politics but MMK leaving was definitely not a good sign... He's argument of needing a change wasn't very convincing Its a MonkaS for OSRS in my opinion, We need a positive change in the game during 2019 to make sure we have a decent 2020
  11. This brings back my own horror story... So I got the rune defender in 2 hours with 1k Tokens from Bronze, seriously! I couldn't believe it, but then... The hunt for the Dragon defender used up 12k Tokens and it took me the whole day! at least 8+ hours...
  12. Whilst Private scripts are technically safer, If massed farmed by a bot farm you still run the risk of detection, Now i don't care if your Elon musk and you got spaceX to design a script, the ability to detect third party clients instantly removes all credibility of " Private scripts are safe " You want to have the mindset that you will get detected, OR, You use an account that has aged 1-2 years and has high stats and is exploiting a bug, E.G the corp beast Bug that allowed someone to farm Corp without taking damage, this went undetected because 1, the account age and 2, no one else was botting those actions. Your most realistic investment would be A bot Farm that makes accounts automatically after getting banned Suicide botting A Private script that does what you want AND mules profits + VPN Services ( Because your farm is going to get flagged and mass banned without a VPN, Also buying personal IP Addresses take to much time, Personal IP sales don't guarantee you safety, so you might as well continuously change your IP per account via VPN and expect to get banned, But you are mulling before this happens of course. A lot of people come to the Black Market of botting thinking that buying a script/ Private script will make them money when in reality, It is much harder then that. If you are trying to make real cash on the side of your personal life, You will need heavy strategy, Trial and error and at least 1k. No one has the answer for you because why would they? By telling you their methods they are only devaluing their own income. Goodluck out there
  13. Couldn't agree more, There are post on this forum by Veterans who also state that the whole Anti Ban thing is completely useless, and it is! good luck out on the streetz
  14. According to every other OSRS bot forum, Our community is the most toxic and unhelpful... I strongly disagree, I guess some people can't handle tough love and savage banter, so hopefully you're not to sensitive! osbot does have the best API in my opinion, I've tried coding for others and it's basically a cluster fuck, Don't get me started on over saturated markets either, The SDN is great on this Site. Enjoy your stay! Forever
  15. Did you fix it? lol... You can use the Code bracket Icon </> to paste your code into the forum's so we can read it
  16. Just make a fresh email and hand over the original, Just cut off all subscriptions / private emails and change everything over to your new one, Once your done transferring your life to a new email then just hand over the original, It's the only solution I can see
  17. Don't worry, You'll always have your ol pal Ricardo F
  18. But havnt you all tried to quit? Not going to lie I cant believe I'm still playing this game, I dont think I can stop. Now I'm not grinding 8+ hours a day and some months I dont even play but I dont think I'll stop being involved until it shuts down. It does feel like with the release of mobile we may have actually gotten a large amount of the current teenagers so now they are locked in. The game has enough content so if it just stays fresh it can go forever.
  19. Elixar


    Are people really leveling your account by hand though? I feel like even with the highly vouched guys you're still taking a risk... which you dont want on a 100% non botted acc
  20. My guess is 2025, The graphics will have to evolve as the new generation just wont be able to cope with the eyesore. ( No I'm not pointing towards rs3 that's aids). If you've been around since 2007-2014 you are desensitized. Can you really see yourself playing The original age of empires or rollercoaster Tycoon? Not with those graphics.. WOW looks trash and it used to be our biggest enemy now it's dead. I only see it surviving if it evolves into VR
  21. WebWalk should be able to find a route... especially to Lumbridge bank that's a commonly used place that is programmed In the API so double check the code maybe? If not... I hear that it's better practice to program your own paths, you'll have to map each position, but I'm pretty sure if you type in on Google " OsBot custom pathing" then Explv or someone should have a tutorial for this. The only issue is that when you're not using webWalk you will have to manually code in the handling of Stairs, Doors, whatever it may be that's in the way of your custom path.
  22. Using onMessage should be avoided, it uses a seperate thread and will be constantly listening / checking if the message is there, this takes up more CPU no? Correct me if I'm wrong Always go with as few threads as possible and make use of private code. EXPLVs code above seems to be more efficient for anyone reading this
  23. Im looking for the direction of knowledge to help advance my own scripts, I assume If/else statements are to slow to respond to character actions but I want to know how things are done with games and other situations like: Dark Souls Threatre of Blood You can tell most of runescape Npcs just throw 1 move at your character whether it's a magic/range/melee. Obviously a simple Attacking state and then healing states... but even zulrah just changes it's attack styles in a cycle and based on it's HP. In more advanced games, how do developers get NPCs to defend from attacks? Would most game NPCs simply have 5 different attack moves which then get selected at weighted-random? Then when the HP is lower... Would stronger Attack methods become avaible to the NPC because of critical health booleans becoming true? I thought maybe they use Decision Trees, Is this where I should be looking? I never went to university for game Dev so the concept of advanced Decision models is hard for me to study, I know advanced games probably don't use java but I'm sure these things are still achievable within it because Threatre of Blood looks quite complex, or is it...? It's got to be more then if else's... Thanks for any responses
  24. I mean... It's literally 10-15 lines of code inside onLoop but if you want to improve it you can Add conditional sleeps after the steal interaction Look imto Custom Areas from Explv's guide so you can Check if your Custom Area Contains NPC 'Guard dog', then you can either add a world Hopper class ( also on this site ) or a Dog waiting Boolean ( id personally go with the dog wait boolean) Add camera movement to make you face the Fruit stall ( this is to help the script not miss click, it doesn't improve anti ban because anti ban isn't real anyway) Add a check to see if your player is in the Fruit stall area ( again custom area) and if not WEBwalk to fruit stall, so you can start your script anywhere Other then that you seem to be on the right path in terms of basic use of Api, nice!
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