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  1. Hotflix left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly seller! He sold me some NMZ services, I also trusted him with 50m bank. Thank you dude, definitely worth doing it again!

    b4k4l1m was The Seller

  2. Jochem left Positive feedback   

    Did a void service for him. Friendly person (hes a bit afraid to get scammed but after some talk and mm and pictures everything went fine!)

    b4k4l1m was The Buyer

  3. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Did nmz service for me again. A+++

    b4k4l1m was The Seller

  4. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Did NMZ service for me 60-84 def with base 60 stats, super nice dude.

    b4k4l1m was The Seller

  5. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Made me a zulrah acc, thanks buddy!

    b4k4l1m was The Seller

  6. Swedens left Positive feedback   

    Did Mage Arena 2 for me with a 60m deposit. Very nice guy, keep doing what you do :)

    b4k4l1m was The Seller

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