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  1. Hey y'all, Ive just come across the following blog post about rs3 bot ban detection https://secret.club/2021/04/03/runescape-heuristics.html Basically they guy look into what the client send to server and how server resonds. His theory is that its based on mouse tracking. What do you guys think of this?
  2. Yeas , I think JaGeX is doing a good job now at their anti bot detection system. Which is ofcourse horrible for us.
  3. You're probably using the item in your script. Just before u're about to close the bank put the item amount in a variable.
  4. Haha funniest topics in ages.
  5. Hello Czar, I wanted to use yout script in deadman mode. The looting list however doesn't contain the 'Archaic emblem (tiers 1 & 5) ' or some of the wildy weapons. Could you make the looter accept any string item name to loot or could you update the loot list ? Thanks in advance! Edit: Seems to pick up the Archaic emblems when i put Mysterious emblem in looter. Could still be handy to just be able to put string item names or id's.
  6. Wow nice, I won a VIP auth!! Have they been activated yet?
  7. The bank class just contains some pre defined bank areas, no? So if your wanted bank is not in the class you have to define an Area constant yourself. Final area *bankname* = new Area(x1, y1, x2, y2) ; Add -*bankname* to an enum list. Correct me if im wrong please. Im currently learning to code.
  8. Promo


    Haha I guess you've learned since a significant time has passed.
  9. Hey Czar, Can you look into walking to rune dragons ? Sometimes it interacts with the barrier at adamant dragons and dies. Probs wanna check for closest barrier when in specific area (area before the rune dragons barrier). This is what i'm currently using in my script (trying to learn java): Area area4 = new Area(1573, 5077, 1572, 5072); //Area before rune dragons barrier (5x2 area) // part from my walking method applying the above... if(area4.contains(api.myPosition())){ api.log("We are at area 4.. getting the closest barrier"); RS2Object obstacle3_b
  10. Czar's Perfect Fighter gained a massive performance boost with this release. Awesome!
  11. Thanks for the reply Khaaleesi. I've got something working now.
  12. Sorry I am a total noob coder. We have this code to add the task in this example: @Override public void onStart() { tasks.add(new Attack(this)); How do I add another task , for example Banking? Can I put all name of task in an array list and pass that array list as argument to tasks.add( List here)(this)) ?
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