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Khal AIO Fletcher

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Khal Fletcher (All in One)
Thanks to all of you, This is now one of the [Best] and [Complete] Fletching bots!

Main Bot Features
Supports Cutting all logs
Support Stringing all Bows
All darts (Up to 1m exp/h)
All Bolt Tips Cutting
All Arrows
Humanlike AFK
Progressive Task Support
Smart Banking System
Custom Inventory Interaction (Better Antiban!)
CLI Compatible (Automated farming)
Custom Breakmanager

24/7 Bug support


Buy this Fletching Bot here!

Want to buy with OSGP? Contact me on Discord!






- Has task support with quick saving and loading tasks! Saves you a lot of time

- Supports cutting all items

- Support stringing all items (crossbows coming soon)

- Supports all Darts

- Supports all Arrows (Even headless arrows)

- Tool recognition

- Banks for tools when switching tasks

- Advanced scripting structure, 99.99% flawless scripting

- A clean and easy interface to start and track the script.

- Randomized pathing/interaction system, humanlike paths, no repetitive clicking.

- Script will never idle, start script and let it run forever!


How to use CLI parameters:
- Example Usage:

SAVEFILE = Saved Filename
BREAKFILE =  Breakmanager Filename

Save file can be created in the GUI. Navigate to the tab you want to run and press "Save As CLI file".
Please choose your filename wisely (No special characters)

- BREAKFILE (Optional):
Breakfile can also be create in the GUI, set the breaksettings you wish to use and press "Save new CLI BreakFile".
Please choose your filename wisely (No special characters)

- Final form:

-script 1036:MyTaskList;45.15breaks


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


Q: Where can we find this script?

A: This can be found at the store here


Q: How and where do I start this script?

A: Simply start the script at any bank.



Bug report Template:

- Mirror or regular client?

- What Task, item, stopcondition?

- Printscreen with the Osbot console enabled and script paint when getting stuck.

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11 minutes ago, silentra1n said:

Any discounts on release? :)

unfortunately the osbot store does not work with disciunts ... 

5 minutes ago, Eagle Scripts said:

Nice one! 

On a more serious note: where is that good-looking old khal paint? :feels:

you don’t like the new paint ? :(

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