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  1. I've seen accounts with similar quests but with 70/70/70 going for the 20-25m range so you might want to tailor that back a bit since we're looking at base 50's rather than 70's Also, insert you need 100 posts to sell accounts yada yada
  2. Thanks all, 'preciate the responses about the price range
  3. Howdy, Just kinda curious what the average price range of an account with 99 hp, att, str, def, and 43 prayer on it goes for on the market nowadays. Thanks a bunch
  4. We've reached a new low. Yikes from me dog.
  5. Plot Twist, he gets 100 Dono and stays VIP
  6. Gotta get that pretty blue name
  7. Well unfortunately life at this time of year can become very stressful, and on top of that, add in an unexpected large amount of work and you've got a recipe for "not a lot of time to get other stuff done." Since I am a one man service operation atm, there just simply is no way for me to fulfill orders in a time that I would deem worthy of being paid to do so. Because of that, I will be taking a temporary leave from performing services until my workload at work begins to lessen. To those of you that I have had the pleasure of working with in the past, thank you for the service and hopefully I will be able to do work with you all in the new year. I'll still be floating around the forums making snappy one liners, but I will not feel right in taking orders from people. See y'all soon And no @Dbuffed, I'm not actually "leaving" lol
  8. nah nah nah he's a pretty nice dude, I just couldn't finish the order due to being massively swamped at work IRL. I'll have a longer post about it later on my lunch break
  9. He's referring to me bud
  10. Thank you both I am currently working on this
  11. 4gp/xp prayer 8gp/xp Absorbs Discord: evenflyox#6378
  12. User attempted to reach out to me inquiring about what it would cost to compensate I stated 12M which would cover the cost of the runes, darts, and money on the accounts as well as compensating for the wasted bond User has not responded since I have stated that https://gyazo.com/78dd05876801a8739fff3f13715a99d6
  13. Disputed member: [member=] 40z Bounce Thread Link: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/241177-40z-bounce/ Explanation: I was having him work on training two zulrah accounts for myself that had supplies on them and some money for him to buy supplies for quests and what not. Was initially told it would take him through the weekend to finish. Logged on to the account today after receiving no notification or updates from the user to find that the ranging supplies, Gp, and Runes were all taken off the account Evidence: *HIDDEN*
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