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    Actually a dude

  2. Hi, selling 82m @ .62/m for a total of 50.84$ BTC/XRP/ETH you go first ofc Msg me on Discord: Hope#0770 455996427546656769 (ID)
  3. Hi If you'd like to apply here my doors are open: Can discuss anything else you may be concerned about via pm or add me Hope#0770 on discord!
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    @Knuckolls it's been a while, we should catch up sometime I hope the service has treated you well
  5. Selling 29m 07 for BTC .64/m you go first dm me on Discord Hope#0770
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    Need help

    Not sure where to put it so i'll post here http://prntscr.com/n242gx http://prntscr.com/n242qm My thread was locked because it was advertising my server, which is fine I'm not complaining about that. But I asked if it could be unlocked now as it's been more than a week and i've been completely ignored, i'm pretty sure @Decode is busy with other matters so i'm not upset or anything. But I would very much appreciate it if some other mod who is available can unlock my thread please. I can't even edit it since it's locked. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/147103-hope-aio-services-i-lifetime-sponsor-i-new-services-pet-hunting-i-item-hunts-i-weekly-discounts/
  7. @putamare Hope#0770 Hit me up!
  8. I am not sure what you mean that "these are all in order of the chat". Because this is clearly showing it's a direct message history with the user, and not chat in relation to the ticket in question. Because with what you are showing here, this is a private deal between yourself and Shoppee which has absolutely nothing to do with my company that you are blaming for the scam he has done on you. Any reasonable moderator will see that from this alone, you are responsible for the trade that you did with him as it had absolutely nothing to do with my company. https://prnt.sc/mw4eqk https://prnt.sc/mw4gky https://prnt.sc/mw4grd Please take note of the ban date in the above screenshots, as they will be useful in my following responses. Now, Doc, I am not too sure what you mean I was trying to hide the fact when Weekday had clearly posted in that channel the official report thread made by Wortel which was, infact, acted upon and appropriate action was taken. Any sensible user would have checked and realized that Shoppee was indeed banned and would not have interacted with him further on any trades. Allow me to make this clear once again, you decided you wanted to save a few mil and do an order behind my back with this user when it was made clear to the public that he was banned in my #banned-scammers channel. You're reaching here. I will explain why in the following response. I will now explain why I have the three screenshots above + why you are reaching and quite honestly, lying to the staff on OSBot regarding this. Let me break it down for you: Also please keep in mind, that NONE of this has anything to do with OSBot and should be on Sythe because that is where you have interacted with my company in the past. You've even left vouches on my threads for past services so I am not sure why this dispute is here. Even so, I will continue. Screenshot #1: On 3/3/19 I was notified by Weekday about Shoppee and was shown the report made by Wortel which resulted in his ban from Gladiator. It also shows me responding to him with "Done" acknowledging the ban and banning him myself on my server. Screenshot #2: Taken from my Discords' Audit Log, you can see here clearly that I have banned the user on 3/3/19. For anyone aware with Discord's workings, it is impossible to edit/change/delete actions done in the servers' Audit Log. As you can see the username is different, it will be shown further in screenshot #3. Screenshot #3: As you can see here, he changed his name to algebra but it's of no difference. This screenshot shows that I did indeed take action in banning him from my server. Now that that's settled, let me explain why you are reaching saying that it created an environment for him to scam you. Here, you clearly show that Shopee was last in your ticket at 3/1/19. For you to claim that it provided an environment for him to scam you when he was banned on the 3rd is without a doubt the most ridiculous thing I can hear. Let's use your logic. NOTE: As of now, Shoppee has changed his username again and is currently impostoring @Dbuffed , this screenshot is not meant to slander his name as it has nothing to do with him as he cannot do anything about an impostor pretending to be him. http://prntscr.com/mw4std http://prntscr.com/mw4sg6 Let me use your logic + list down the course of events that has taken place. #1. Shoppee completed your ticket on 3/1 #2. Shoppee (who is currently impostoring @Dbuffed ) had his roles revoked by me and as you can see, that also included the "Support Team" role. Now, following your logic as you claim he had full access to your ticket, you would have noticed on 3/2/19 that he was not a trial worker of mine. But of course, you didn't because you had made a private deal with him on the 5th. #3. In the screenshots above, I have shown clearly that the user was banned from my server on 3/3/19. Now, unless a user can somehow still have access to a channel in my server even after being banned from it, I find your claims about it setting up an environment for you to be scammed a little far fetched. Quite honestly, you have been lying to the entire staff and I have literally proven it in all of my points. You are trying desperately to pin your mistakes on my company because you wanted to save a few mil and do a private order. You were not led to believe anything. The user had his roles removed on 3/2 and banned on 3/3. You made your PRIVATE order on 3/5 which had absolutely nothing to do with my server since you kept it between yourself and Shopee. Incase the moderation team wants to see the chat history between Doc and the members of my staff, these are the logs as follows: Doc's chat with one of my supervisors named Luke: https://imgur.com/a/WS2dEA3 Doc's chat with my administrator named Tyler: https://gyazo.com/eaba62714b3180583b2dfcc8d124ddac https://gyazo.com/9b7738d8385ca55c4286480f0af96679 https://gyazo.com/2cdcffa11de2ca2a402760e0f231f7da Keep in mind that Tyler is a moderator on Sythe, so if anyone was to be knowledgeable of their rules/regulations it would absolutely be him. Doc's chat with myself: http://prntscr.com/mw4zze http://prntscr.com/mw501l http://prntscr.com/mw504h Besides the obvious malicious blackhat intent that Doc has clearly shown, for which I will be opening a separate report on Sythe after this is resolved, I've proven throughout my statement that Doc has chosen to go through with a PRIVATE order rather than going with HopeAIO. Also he did not adhere to OSBot's TOS when he did that private order with Shopee as well.
  9. Hi just a couple quick points. At HopeAIO you are presented with the ToS when you first join the server, and when you place a ticket order (during the time doc came to us for this ticket) Here is the ToS at the time you had ordered: https://gyazo.com/0fcfd4bcd3b5fc37d9d5cd864999e7ff As we have already told Doc in private when he came to us, This is on Doc. He chose to work out a deal with Shoppee for service, outside of our tickety system, after shoppee was no longer employed with us. A good 4 days after the service was rendered, Doc had still not changed his password after the service with us, despite it being in our ToS and despite him being told to do so additionally at the end of the order: https://gyazo.com/72cd108c2737c75eb9020ffbdedae266 Shoppee completed the order on March 1st for Doc Shoppee was removed from our staff on march 2nd Then Doc made this deal behind our backs on march 5th, with shoppee in private after shoppee was no longer with us.
  10. Hello @Decode, thank you for notifying me of this. Atm I am out but will come back to you with proper information when I am home.
  11. Hope

    Service Req

    10 accounts of the following (will provide email + logins) Tut Island Varrock Museum 9-35 Hunter Will be providing cash for bonds + supplies and also would like certain items to be purchased/left on accounts as well. Hit me up! Hand done only ofc Hope#0770
  12. We can get this done for you in a day easily, hit me up on discord Hope#0770
  13. Profile: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/310128-hope/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback Reason: A worker of mine was the one who completed this order. Please remove as it was not malicious in intent http://prntscr.com/mimlzu
  14. Can do for 22m as well, tossup on who you'd like to trust with this @Lurkernomore Hit me up!
  15. Haha it's just understanding brotha xD When I learned that women are human beings and have their own feelings and I need to approach differently it completely changed the game. But I agree it's much easier now. Can't imagine what it must've been like for you courting a gal you like back in the middle ages xDDD
  16. Sure about that? I think writing a poem for her is pretty cute lol, did she not appreciate it at all? Or was it some kind of modern bullshit gucci gang type shit lol? One thing is, a lot of guys mis-read signs and feel that because they like a girl that she has to like them back, eventually, if they put the work in but sometimes it isn't like that. Way I see it, girls/women are normal human beings as well. Sometimes they are looking for someone other times not, just treat them like normal and be yourself. Even if you did rush into the poem if yall were getting to know each other she would appreciate it. Pretty sure she told you to slow down/rejected your approach because it was so sudden and you didn't wait for her feelings to develop. Not going to give you false hope but when I was a kid I managed to salvage a screw-up like that once. Just need to be normal, be yourself and she'll come around (if she feels the same way).
  17. Boop :) Love the pikachu!

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    Selling 07

    Got some moar come buy my gold
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    Selling 07

    Selling more gold! Got some more in stock ?
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