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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.5.6 - Plugins


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Download: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.6.jar


This release introduces Plugins. Plugins work the same way as scripts, except for three major things:

1. They don't execute any mouse/key events of any kind
2. When started, they do not disable human input
3. They cannot be paused

These will be primarily targeted towards helper scripts such as a Jad helper, Zulrah helper, PKing helper, etc.  If the community likes this idea, I'll fully integrate it into OSBot by giving the script selector a tab for only scripts and another tab for only plugins.


For Developers: Instead of having your class extend Script, have it extend "Plugin" instead. Works exactly the same way.

-Fixed bug in ConditionalLoop
-Improved banking actions (DOES NOT FIX MIRROR MODE)
-Cleaned up Bank API (internal)
-Added Plugins

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