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    @Sysm care to enlighten @guywithlsd?
  2. Who cares, just try again in a couple weeks. If you really care then just PM one staff member and wait patiently for the response.
  3. he scammed close to 1bill actually.
  4. Monthly fail of July goes to B3NJ!
  5. Personally for the hand made nmz accs I offer they're made on seperate proxies and all GP transferred to them is from different sources.
  6. Pay me back tomorrow with 50mill interest sure.
  7. My opinion is if they have more to lose than to gain from scamming me then I "trust" them. I also make sure they're within their normal trading patterns and if it's odd I don't do the deal or force another result like MM.
  8. Dude stop getting hacked all the time. What the fuck are you doing.
  9. But does yours change ip frequently whilst actually doing the lvl3s within the rotation time.
  10. Just needs a restriction to one topic per section unless accounts (but thats if you sell like me nmz acc) and i want to sell a main for example i would make another post. Doesn't need anything else.
  11. I agree, I always thought that having multiple service topics is pointless.
  12. Personally I would get a huge lead, those wifi repeaters aren't that great as they sound, they also become very hot afer a while.
  13. John Cena


    What Canada has tasers, what dictatorshipo are we living in.
  14. Just the amount of GP being dumped, people accepting the shitty rates when selling and just naturally shifts the price.
  15. Well to be fair DigitalOcean is a pretty big company, they're funded heavily. I would presume they won't take this hit sitting down. Unless you're truely confident that they cannot find you then you better start thinking of your plan. If you used your real identity then just do a payment plan if you cannot afford the whole bill at once. If however you used a fake identity so thats either fraud or false misrepresentation, then you'll likely get a knock on the door and a confiscation of all your electronics. Don't drop the soap. Also to note if they really are pursuing this, then someone may send them this topic and then oblidge OSBot to hand over your personal data. So now you're actually fucked, rippp.
  16. I mean IP wise, are all 100 on 1 ip or...?
  17. Hand done via what though, please elaborate on that.
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