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  1. It is great. well, I don't want screenshot only
  2. How to change forum theme? Is there other forum theme? Lighter theme?
  3. Pegasus

    Cleaning finds

    why do you want to bot 500 - 1000 hours for cleaning finds?
  4. Because it is hard and unnesscary. The sample file is just area examples. You can edit/copy the sample file to edit the area and settings. Whatever, this thread is old.
  5. I can give you my Affiliate Link?
  6. d) less real players in the game
  7. something in osbot client may be broken after game update.
  8. how many hours should I avoid to bot? 24 hours after system updated ? or 12 hours?
  9. What are the possible reason programs not work after removed printing variables lines? Programs work after I recover the printing variables lines. e.g System.out.println("Print someArrayList.size(): " + someArrayList.size() );
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