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  1. I agree with quite a few things, most don't apply to the only reason i get why someone would bot but thats a different story. I have a issue with your comments about mirror mode though, jagex have stated in the past (I don't have source sorry it was around when the HD client was goign around) that they can detect the difference between a 3rd party client and the official client but not anything more, meaning if your using runelite or osbot they can't tell which, and with the % of players that do use a legitimate 3rd party client, and jagex know mirror mode or its competition exist, I am sure they could easilly assuming using the official client is probably more of a flag than using a 3rd party client.
  2. accounts can always be recovered, regardless of what email is registered to a account ect, if the ip that made the account attempts to recover it with even a fraction of the details they get it back
  3. osbots path walking system randomizes around the path points anyway
  4. Well if the webwalk isn't doing it just make a path and do it that way, its better for your ram usage anyway
  5. Yes, if jagex decide your main is connected to the bots (which is pretty obvious if they are all running ess to you) you can get banned
  6. look into conditional sleeps f2p bans are basically daily and at the same time of day anyway so maybe you just had bad luck with when you started
  7. IF people are using mirror mode, make sure to use the official client, jagex have stated they can tell the difference between the official osrs client and 3rd party clients but cant tell the difference between something like runelite or osbot, so using runelite and mirror mode = just increasing your hardware usesage with 0 benefit
  8. Nothing is restricted from trading onto a new f2p account aslong as its a f2p item but basically if you wanted to bot it, its most likely restricted from trading off the account/selling it on the ge, just bot the 7 qps
  9. I No longer use the skype live:gpswap.rs

  10. Disputed member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/289588-icebot/ Origional sythe ban for scamming: https://www.sythe.org/threads/wise-old-mans-shop-scammed-me/#post-33733196 NMU on new sythe account because of ban^ - link is same account being sold: https://www.sythe.org/threads/icebot/ Links to osbot account besides name - same discord used IceBot#7923 https://www.sythe.org/threads/icebot-account-shop-mains-level-80/#post-34049244
  11. Thanks for reporting. Fixed heres download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/imkb7za11timi17/woad.jar EDIT: updated op too
  12. It's not actively worked on no, if theres a issue though i can always fix it
  13. You still have to set times for it, randomize times just does +/-% changes to the times you have set
  14. GPSwap


    Its from doing gangs with a cannon(for no hp xp method)
  15. Paypal wouldn't lock any more or anything like that, paypal will be withdrawing support for businesses the same way g2a did last year due to the massive fraud rate in the market, you will be fine to continue using paypal but if they will be pulling support for goldsites, you should look into another way to get paid for when that happens, skrill or cryptos do the job just fine
  16. Havent used skrill in a few years wasn't bad when i used it, was like £2.50 fee to withdraw up too $250 from a cash machine with its card, but was like £0.50-1 fee per transaction to use it in shops, never withdrew to bank account though
  17. multiboxing is bannable and more detectable than botting
  18. They are usually private scripts, I don't know if liverares betting post does public but that is on sdn so you can have a look
  19. I would probably go for extremes/overloads, added a fun skilling goal if all you did was pvm. Called trident Looks like it will be coming from how much people are enjoying it on the final, but the season will be the real test
  20. Do codeacadamy if you need basics, then go through some of the great tutorials we have on site, then just make script after script after script and you will learn, unless you just wanting someone to spend like a hour or so checking over scripts you've done $50 a week ain't gona get you far
  21. Database is probably the best way to do it, but it can be done much simpler by simply using a .txt file, you can have slaves edit it and mules read it to pass information back and forth
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