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  1. Just wait 2weeks to 1 month if your paranoid and want to be 100% safe
  2. Idk I've thought about buying accs but really theres nothing stopping people from scamquitting, and it would feel so bad if you bought a 99fm iron account just for it to get recovered when if your say in the mid-end game
  3. https://osbot.org/forum/forum/334-private-scripts/
  4. if u get banned on osrs u get banned on rs3 and if you get banned on rs3 u get banned on osrs
  5. just use the big names and you should be fine
  6. there was this guy on yt u can probably find him he went to dollar stores and bought their food and tried it out. The best was was the chessburger in a can did 4 people just post at once lol
  7. why everytime you post the thread is 2+years old?
  8. I think the rs3 thing is from the guy who was a bot maker that worked for jagex. Think he left the company before he could implement it to osrs
  9. prayer pot/food to get points for absorbtion and then absorbtion
  10. hammer go brrrrrr but from what i remember obby is best inslot until 92+ hp where dharoks is better
  11. rs3 will be on steam before osrs, so well see I guess
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