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  1. 1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode: Mirror 2. Logger contents (press "Settings" on top right corner of the client, then "Toggle Logger", copy & paste on pastebin) : https://pastebin.com/en6eTeWa 3. Description: kept talking to the wrong guard during Fight Arena quest when trying to intoxicate the guard. i had to pause and manually speak with the correct guard before resuming for the script to continue properly. also - does no food mode not work in general/in mirror mode? i made sure that the gui's title said no food mode before starting each one individually, yet no m
  2. weapon used: obsidian sword ("toktz-xil-ak"). final hitsplat was 7 iirc. account has 80att and 97str, but it's not like it hit 30 to cause the regen.
  3. 1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode: Mirror Mode 2. Logger: forgot to get it in time and it was buried with walking logs. it was repeating the killing the black titan log in stage 7 (nothing special to see in the logger anyway) 3. Description: when killing the black knight titan it didn't swap to excalibur for delivering the final blow. it "killed" it with the weapon i had equipped, making it back to full health. then it tried killing it once more, again not swapping to excalibur when it's low health. i paused the script, manually swapped to excalibur and killed the titan, then resumed and
  4. script is now in closed beta and looking for testers! post here or pm me if you'd like to test the script for free. also available on discord, contact myOSBaccount#3991
  5. oink oink sir. if it's not a laughing matter then why are you joking
  6. i had a similar experience. left fruity NMZ running overnight on my pure. when i woke up i discovered it had finished RFD, totally ruining my pure.
  7. botting for such long amounts of time is practically suicide botting, especially so on fresh accounts.
  8. bug report: 1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode: Mirror Mode 2. Logger contents (press "Settings" on top right corner of the client, then "Toggle Logger", copy & paste on pastebin) : https://pastebin.com/ZU7n9zfk 3. Description: after finishing Client of Kourend it will repeatedly rub the exp lamp without choosing the exp reward (happened after X Marks The Spot as well, but i don't have the logger. i believe it was the same though). exp reward was set to Agility for all lamps. there was no lag and the skill choice menu appeared fine (i was babysitting so i saw it all happen), but
  9. without reading anything about this i can say it's technically possible and sort of been done before. look at the game second life for example.
  10. My Spidine Slayer Create and kill spidines for their red spiders' eggs. Great both for moneymaking or farming red spiders' eggs for yourself (Ironman friendly). Features: Create and kill spidines. Loot red spiders' eggs (both noted and unnoted). Detailed GUI. Save/Load profiles to start the script faster, using different profiles for different accounts. Pre-loads an editable default profile. Quick-prayer support. Preserve prayer option to disable prayer between kills. Restore prayer at Ardougne monastery. Supports banking using fairy rings or using a ring of duel
  11. there's @Khaleesiwarrior guild script: shows at the top of the minigames scripts
  12. you could probably get banned 100 individual times on the same ip and not have it flagged
  13. as i said, if there's a money making method you know of and would like a scripter to make you a private script for it then you could probably hire someone for that. you just need to be more specific about what you want your script to do
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