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  1. i just pushed a fix for all of these problems and made some additional upgrades. added support to enter the previous host's house via right-click (if still possible) instead of opening the ad board each time. will now also exit a house if it's missing an altar and try a different host. will stop if no available host has an altar. gave it a quick 100 bones test run and it ran smoothly.
  2. i'll look into both problems as soon as i have my 2 accounts to test things with. should be simple enough. and no need to apologize
  3. can you tell me where was it standing/what was it doing just before it logged off? or where was it standing when you logged back in? regarding the problem of trying to enter a house if the host isn't present, assuming i understand it correctly, i can think of a few solutions. only issue being that in order to try and replicate this problem i need 2 accounts with membership (one for "hosting" and one to check the entering process). if you have a couple you don't mind temporarily sharing with me then i can get to fixing it in about 10 hours. otherwise it'll have to wait for another day and
  4. what does the log say when it logs out? also, can you show me a screenshot of the chat when it says the owner is not home/has privacy enabled?
  5. glad to hear feel free to post your proggies. the only one i have right now is fairly lackluster
  6. are you maybe in resizable mode? i just ran it in fixed mode and everything works fine both in mirror mode and injection
  7. thanks for the report. the update is live, everything should work. adding the demo to main post.
  8. My House Prayer Use bones on house altars to train your prayer Features: Supports all bones Sacrifices bones using a host's PoH altar Unnotes bones using phials Uses house advertisement NPC to find and enter a host's house Visits last host for faster entering Checks all available hosts for an altar Detects and uses house pools to restore run energy if low Adjusts camera for optimal usage Stops if you're out of supplies Stops if no host has an altar Simple paint Fast and easy startup Instructions:
  9. @ysadoblescompleted a fairly big request of mine in 1 day at a great price
  10. already have you added added
  11. you can use whatever method of training you'd prefer, including completing quests other than the ones listed for their exp rewards, if it results in a lower price. the account has 60+ melee stats, 47 magic, 25 range. need the following to be done: 1) quests: rune mysteries plague city biohazard priest in peril the restless ghost nature spirit tower of life underground pass lost city fairy tale I start fairy tale II for fairy rings access enlightened journey (boost to 30 farming with pie) the hand in the sand partial completion of watch tower partial complet
  12. A/W for zulrah account set to be 85m
  13. removed account 2 from the thread. zulrah account is still available.
  14. fixed the picture of account 1's invent. fixed the picture of account 2's stats.
  15. pretty good zulrah account on my thread. check it out if you're still looking.
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