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  1. it's a client issue caused by the last update. need the devs to fix it. here's the official thread for this topic:
  2. yes, you can set breaks as shown in the picture
  3. glad you're enjoying the script there's several reasons i chose only to script the "afk" method- the biggest reason is that this is a free script, meaning it can't be too complex/compete with a premium script according to the SDN/Store rules. if i added a manual offering mode i would have to greatly increase the complexity of the script to prevent users from getting banned. with that in mind, having only the "afk" method seemed like the best compromise.
  4. sorry for the late reply. i've just pushed a fix so it shouldn't get stuck after leaving for food mid-kill. it should go live with version 1.2. tell me if there's still issues after the update. as for CLI, it just isn't currently supported
  5. thanks, i'll have a look and fix it
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