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  1. 6 gp/xp Discord: OSBOTRutger#7324
  2. U can buy vps with windows already installed on them.
  3. Dont bot 12 hours a day without expecting a ban. Do it for 4 hours max otherwise u will get caught quick.
  4. Pack 1: 10.5m Pack 2: 15m. Discord: OSBOTRutger#7324
  5. Now that I finally got my diploma and moved out of my student dorm into a real appartment with my fiance I have decided that I am going to quit runescape and sell of my account. Discord: OSBOTRutger#7324 Discord unique id: 773630384360521768 They must have the following criteria in their thread: 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) Notable items: https://prnt.sc/1034ww0 3. Pictures of the quests completed https://prnt.sc/1034pq3 https://prnt.sc/1034py0 https://prnt.sc/1034q
  6. I can make on for ya, add me on discord: OSBOTRutger#7324
  7. How much money are u expecting to make an hour using this method? Pickpocketing master farms doesnt seem that much or is it just me? At like 80 thieving with the master farmer outfit its only 500k/h, so its high risk to get your accounts up to that point with only this amount of profit...
  8. Where is a link to your discord?
  9. Just dont over do it with the botting. Mix it up with playing legit and like only bot for 2-3 hours a day.
  10. I heared that if what they look at usage of F-keys, mouse movement etc when deciding if someone got an infernal cape by himself or was helped. So thats what they probally use to decide if someone is a bot or nah, if it differs from what the user normally does then probally its a bot. So recording ur own movement would probally be the best option yes.
  11. If ur dutch I would sell it if u can do dutch bank transfer
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