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  1. xtylerr

    Stealth Quester

    The new GUI makes my bot freeze
  2. xtylerr

    Stealth Quester

    Is there a way to use this on an Ironman? There’s some quests I don’t feel like doing
  3. xtylerr

    Perfect Thiever

    I'm getting this error when I try to do Master Farmer in Draynor village. [ERROR][11/22 05:40:43 PM]: Uncaught exception! java.lang.AbstractMethodError: client.getConfigs1()[I at org.osbot.rs07.api.Configs.get(xf:27) at perfect.scripting.b.d.nuL.B(gl:135) at perfect.scripting.b.d.nuL.B(gl:77) at perfect.scripting.b.e.nUl.m(xn:233) at perfect.scripting.c.Com3.F(ck:126) at perfect.scripting.c.Com3.<init>(ck:78) at b.a.aUx.G(ch:351) at b.a.aUX.B(df:2285) at javax.swing.AbstractButton.fireActionPerformed(Unknown Source) at javax.swing.Abstra
  4. I've maxed two pures and a zerker using fruity NMZ, and recently got banned on one of my newer accounts. It seems jagex has been cracking down on NMZ bots at the moment, might want to just bot other things for a while.
  5. Okay I will. Do you think adding just the Kourend teleport tab would be an easy job though? It uses falador, camelot, ardy tabs ect so it should be fairly easy, right? Thanks for the reply
  6. When the script has to go from catherby to Kourend, it gets stuck on the charter interface on the docks. I'm not sure if it's suppose to try and charter but I'm not able to get it to work. Could you please add Kourend teleport tab support? If you use a scroll of redirection on a house tab you're able to make Kourend tabs which teles you super close to the patch. Other than that the script is running great.
  7. It's a good script, my only critique is that when you're doing fires/lavas, it clicks the minimap way away from the altar and then clicks the actual altar. It would be more human like if it clicked near the altar on the minimap. I tried all the walking modes and it always clicks away from the fire altar. Other than that it's a great script.
  8. If you are using mirror mode, it will mine a rock that doesn't have ore in it yet. It will mine the ore, and then click the blank rock even though there's no ore in it. It's not just your script though, it's every mining script when using mirror mode. Likely a client issue. Thanks tho
  9. I'm having an issue where the script tries to mine rocks with no ore, is there a way to fix? edit: this is strictly a mirror mode issue
  10. I'm trying to make some uncharged orbs, and after the script has been running for about 5-10 mins it freezes the whole OSBOT client. I've restarted it a few times, and it keeps doing it. I don't know if it's your script or a client issue. I'm not able to check logs because the client closes itself. I'm also using mirror mode. It seemed to work fine when I was cutting gems. It only started happening when doing orbs. Edit: This only happens in mirror mode
  11. made the acc logged in maybe once or twice but just let it sit. I'm 99% certain all new accounts are monitored for the first week of creation. Every time I make new acc and bot it gets ban. Acc that has been sitting never banned unless I suicide.
  12. https://www.garyshood.com/rsclient/ make sure it's only clicking on inventory and not any item or anything just blank spot in inv to keep you logged in
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