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  1. mazr

    Fruity Zul

    Can some1 tell what is the best use for Fruity Zulrah script to make the most efficient profit .... Thx for all
  2. mazr

    Price of gp

    Hello all i just want to ask a question When did the price of the million gp in game will Drob For in shops if u want sell gold it will tell you i will buy 0.46 per million An talking about the current price nowdays So when the price of million will down more and more Is it impossible or maybe or it will?
  3. mazr


    It is achievable to bot Vorkatb skills requirements ? or even at least half of them? Thx guys
  4. my mule accounts are getting bans? idk why they say 3rd party macro so any one can tell me a solution for that problem please?
  5. mazr

    Spinning Flax

    how i get 7 free days member please?
  6. Hi guys just taking ur advice guys i want to run a flax spinner script @ Lumbridge on a fresh account but as u know this account must be a member ( the cost of bond ) so i wont get banned on this account before i get the cost of bond ! so the questions i wan?t to ask what is the best way / method i run this script to be avoid get banned on a flax spinner script? THX alot
  7. @Sara how much GP per hour can some one get from this script?
  8. mazr


    this is maybe the end of botting
  9. mazr


    i was need to enter this account to Song of elves by botting
  10. mazr


    I can say i got banned maybe like after 30MINS only !!!
  11. mazr


    i just got banned now on low combat using mining script idk why i used to bot vey low time and much break i never got banned in this time too idk why !1!
  12. mazr


    like you monkey
  13. mazr


    is it safe (runelite plus ) as the the link i posed? and what about bann rate? for using zul helper
  14. mazr


    last question what is the difference between them?
  15. mazr


    how can i get this version that have zul helper
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