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Moving On

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Did not think I would be saying this, but I'm making a big decision. After much debate amongst myself I think I'm finally going to call it and move on. I've had a great time here and there are no hard feelings to any of the users or staff on this site, but I'm going to be seeking staff opportunities elsewhere. I'm only doing this because I feel as if it will be best for me. I will still be around every once in  a while and stopping in, but my general activity level will drop significantly. Before I go I want to give some special thank you's.


Thanks to @Varc for being the first dude to ever help me out on here back when you were CBA. You've earned your spot as GM and I know you will do a great job.

Thanks to for being a virtual business mentor to me throughout my stint here and for all the real talks we had about family on the side. 

Thank you @booty for being my main homie throughout my stint here and I hope we keep in touch in the future.

Lastly, thank you to @Czar for being my go-to scripter. You're extremely talented and a great guy, and that with your ability will take you far in life.


I know there are people I left out, but just know my experience here for the most part have been nothing but positive. I wish you all the best in not only botting, but in your everyday lives as well.


Signing off...




Slept on my decision and have decided to stick with it. Bye guys. Always feel free to add me on Skype <3

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Dude i remember when you first came into the chat box and had no idea what was going on! You picked everything up so fast and i'm very glad we crossed paths, i hope you really consider sticking around. I would like to keep in touch and see how you are getting on if you don't decide to stay so make sure you PM me your Skype! Take care bro :)

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