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  1. I'm fairly new still learning the ropes, but I taught of a money making method and I promise you its out of the box if you would be kind enough to tell me and opinion on it I would be very thankful. And if you would like it a lot we could do something together, but that's going a bit far, would you be interested in listening to what I have to say?

    Also some basic requirements for it to get your atention:

    -Fresh level 3 accounts

    -No membership (this is very important)

    -Custom script that would take stuff out of the bank and walk somewhere

    Have a good day. 

  2. I just basically traded him the gold and confirmed it with him, really did not see the need to take pictures and stuff simple because I talk and deal with him on a daily.
  3. I sold him 60m in chatbox I traded him the gold but still waiting on him to send the payment for me, not sure if the DC'ed or what but he not responding to me as of now. If a moderator wants to look it is via chatbox I did not take screen shots because I have done trades with LB before so yea.
  4. or riot, if you don't like our home leave
  5. They do not have to accept if they don't want to, which is why its a public request. Reported as spam.
  6. Budget $500-$1,000 My Money, My Time, Your Work You need to be competent and good at what you do Add me on skype, the job will be by my terms and by my time, if you cant design a good website in a specific time frame DO NOT ADD ME! Looking to have this completed in 14 days so it is a grind 10 days to be designed and applied and 4 days for trial and error/bug fixes etc. Please read everything above carefully before adding me on skype because if you don't "be prepared to call me a dick". What I have - Domain + SSL VPS Hosting What you will be doing - Web Design + Coding Designing 10-12 pages Landing Page Some back end CSS like admin panel and customer + worker panels. Things you need to prepare for - I am very rude I am very pushy I like things done my way and only my way I am a very time mannered individual meaning if you are not on my schedule then there is a huge problem. And most of all this project will be completed exactly how I want it until I am satisfied or you will NOT BE PAID. Now if that did not scare all the designers and coders away add me if you want to do the job and make some $$$. I'm sure if you are good at what you do we will be just fine. Also if you have a portfolio of recent runescape website and a good previous constructive record I am willing to pay a DP for the website ONLY IF I APPROVE OF THE RECENT WORK.
  7. If you want quality gfx go with Making Rice GFX.
  8. He would be responsible for the orders that he takes for his workers as far as your personal gold sales and stuff like that he is not responsible for. He is responsible for orders because he takes the money for the orders and the accounts for training are given to him so he is liable, if his workers buy or sell gold personally he is not responsible unless he says otherwise. Also good luck with the service man.
  9. Maybe your not grasping the full concept of what I am saying, OSbot probably runs on a VPS as I'm possible sure it does. What I am telling you is users do not just buy VPS's for botting. Everyone here is not simply here to bot, some work on larger projects and real life things, such as having websites made, opening graphic portfolio's they could want things like that on a VPS. Some users simply do not like shared hosting. Also $118.00 is not a lot of money to some and believe me in 30 days a load of users can profit from it.
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