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  1. Moomoo.

    1. Anne


      Whoaaaa look who's back xoxo

    2. Dbuffed
  2. Anne

    Bot busted ban

    Havent played osrs in ages, got into it again for past month and received a bot busting ban (thank god it's only two days). However, having some questions about it. Upon googling I have seen stories of people who got the same, however received a permanent ban after all (even when they quit botting after the temporary ban). Would it be smart to transfer all my stuff to another account (around 20m wealth maximum)? Last but not least, are these bans instant? I had been botting little throughout the month, but yesterday I left an agility script open for 3 hours non stop twice, obviously doing the same course for 6 hours-ish. I guess that's what triggered the ban, unless the bans are delayed.
  3. Anne


    how yall doing
  4. Anne


    Just wondering why chatbox was removed? I know we have discord but chat was nice tbh havent been around for a while but i was wondering dis peace
  5. Fair point Mald :), put Khal on there!!
  6. I used to be on there :pepehands:
  7. Just gonna say sth I did recently, as I've probs done more retarded stuff when high, but can't remember. I was playing a match of CS:GO on Faceit, where it's a knife round. So I went out of spawn, was like: shit I dropped my pistol in spawn, went all the way back. Then kept spam clicking E to find my gun on the floor for a good minute, then realized it was knife round lmao
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