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  1. Anne

    List of Vets

    Fair point Mald :), put Khal on there!!
  2. Anne

    List of Vets

    I used to be on there :pepehands:
  3. Just gonna say sth I did recently, as I've probs done more retarded stuff when high, but can't remember. I was playing a match of CS:GO on Faceit, where it's a knife round. So I went out of spawn, was like: shit I dropped my pistol in spawn, went all the way back. Then kept spam clicking E to find my gun on the floor for a good minute, then realized it was knife round lmao
  4. I remember my first K
  5. Anne

    I'm new

    https://osbot.org/forum/store/ Here you go buddy. Welcome!
  6. Sorry to hear about this. Be careful listening to sad songs, it could get you even more sad. Although sometimes it's really good to acknowledge your sadness and let it all out, don't end up in a spiral. Hope you can get pass this, allow yourself to grief. Best of luck
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