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  1. I cannot refund what I didn't take. It was a nice stay. tootles.
  2. I didn't know I was going to have to prove him not having me do the service, so no, just my word.
  3. This is bogus, I'm being set up.. He pm'd me in game and told me to log off the acc that he didn't need the service any more.
  4. I am in total disbelief. I am an honest person. this is obserd.
  5. Jeinks

    OSBuddy PRO

    How much 07 are we talkin?
  6. Been playing runescape since 2004 Questing And there's nothing you should really need to know. I'm quick at doing quests.
  7. Damn.. Looks like I'm getting hunter 100% legit than :P
  8. With the 2 day ban, do they swipe your stats and cash?
  9. If you need quests done let me know.
  10. Yessir. give me a moment. setting up a new computer. 10 mins.
  11. Post offers! I'll consider 2m for both / 1.5m ea If they get sold quickly!
  12. That's not even all you need to not do lol, mirror on f2p still gets a pretty quick ban, first day.
  13. Yes. but if you bot like an idiot you will be banned like an idiot. It's NOT ban proof.
  14. Jeinks

    Hey Guys.

    Just how do you know you'll be a BIG part?
  15. FIRST ACC SOLD STILL SELLING THIS ONE! MUST GO 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) 4. Pictures of the quests completed none 7. The methods of payment you are accepting 07 gp 8. Your trading conditions You go first or we use MM 9. Account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the original owner, the email will be switched over to yours. The email on it has both acc's
  16. I'm sure they can track drops.. You think you're the first person to think to drop cash.....? They are not idiots.. that's the mistake everyone makes. They may not be able to track drops, but when your gold farming acc has 0 cash, and your other acc from the same IP has accumulated quick cash, I mean, what else do you think they think?
  17. It does, and suicide botting to Jagex = gold farming, xfering from a gold farming acc to a mule = ban on mule and botting acc.
  18. Nothing will trick them, if you trade between accounts, they will see it and your mule will be banned. These guys do this for a living, it's not some 12 year old who knows someone is botting, they do this 8 hours a day every day, that's like someone trying to trick you at your job you've done 10 years of your life.
  19. No one buys them in the ge, I've looked into all the prices, the combined items do sell, but no one buys the specs.
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