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  1. I've always found dds staking on 1 defense to be very unreliable, this might be just from personal experience. If you have found a build that works then that is good, plenty of 1 def stakers around i just find whip staking more reliable myself.
  2. DDS staking isn't where the money is at, whip staking is where the big boy bets go down. for example if you have a build of 75/84/33 with say 86 hp vs someone with your opponent 75/84/45 with 81 Hp, anybody who knows odds would try and force their opponent to 1.15-1.25x, even though the odds are already in your favour, that's how you make money
  3. - Go to the arena to scout for builds - You need to run around 3 accounts IMO to be creating profit if you are odds whoring. - HP is everything if you are below maxed + learn your maxes. - Learn your odds. - You will need patience. - If you haven't got 75-100M to sink into each account to get the stats i wouldn't bother. - If you are asking for loans it will be very unlikely you are going to have any real success. - Speak to @Beezmans if you ever catch him online or @jackshow or @Muffins. All in all i wouldn't bother.
  4. Varc


    Can do shit you wouldn't believe bro
  5. Varc


    Yeah bro because i resigned, how about you resign your place on the forums you're fucking with the Zohan here boi
  6. Stop posting topics post count whore
  7. Varc


    It matters that you are a fuckboi, get outta here you wasteman
  8. Varc


    @Dex you've changed, you used to be a ruthless motherfucker what happened bae
  9. Everyone hungry for them mod logs lol Yeah that's a pain in the ass for mods but surely its better capping someones post count than members of the community being scammed + if you were a new member and you were scammed; surely that would deter you from revisiting the site?
  10. The problem is not only the new members joining who will be tempted to scam, but new members who have no market experience who are open to be scammed. @Maldesto bro whats this about?
  11. Does the account have mith gloves, if so include this. If not then i would highly advise you get them. The account is a nice pure, i think however your lack of feedback and activity on the forums may make it difficult for you to sell. Should however be able to get 20-30M with current gold prices imo.
  12. Not been very active as of late and a bit behind with current affairs. When did this rule come about and why? Cannot see any logical reason for it myself.
  13. promote me scripter III, I'll write some code bruh
  14. I vape not because I want to make clouds and blow shitty ass rings, it's because i'm highly addicted to nicotine, if you some 16 y/o just doing it to look good I would love to slap a fish round your dish, nonce.
  15. Varc

    ur dick smells of swedish cheddar
  16. Just sell to @Bogla for $1.1/M you lose out on like $10 with a hell of a lot less of a risk?
  17. Pls maldy i suck anyones dick
  18. paying with PP or 07 - add my Skype - live:daniellevickerz
  19. Add my Skype - live:daniellevickerz - If you don't have just PM me
  20. I got you bud Add my Skype - live:daniellevickerz
  21. You go first or we will use an MM. To be sent as gift. Throw your prices at me, selling in increments of 20M at least would rather sell in a lump sum however. If you aren't trusted please don't bother posting. Add my Skype - live:daniellevickerz
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