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  1. more and more venezuelans are farming the game by hand, a lot of them play multiple accounts per day to make a living and venezuelan economy isnt getting any better, its just getting worse and worse. GP prices will continue to go down honestly
  2. Probably somewhere on a hard drive, why? Lol
  3. So tell a friend instead
  4. So thats why bond prices have gone up to almost 6m.
  5. khaleesi- no project pact- sometimes saiyan- somtimes solution-yes dex-yes maldesto- sometimes as for the ppl i put sometimes, they reply sometimes but prob forget to send the message and go do something else but if you message them again etc they will end up replying
  6. @@Khaleesi can you please look into addy bars? it stands on the bridge/beside the belt after 10mins and will not continue
  7. ive been thinking of switching to an intel build but meh dnt wnna be fked to drop 100s of dollars to get a new/different mobo and shit and then an i7 hell ill probably just keep my AMD 8350 for 5+ years like alek kept his
  8. 250-300. If i were you start 5-10 bucks higher on some pieces etc cuz ppl will offer less than what you ask for so you can say im asking 125 for my CPU, kk ill take 110 for or theyll offer 110 Sucks to see you're getting rid of the AMD CPU now we wont have the same CPU anymore. Looks like I must upgrade to a i7 6700k then
  9. after 10mins of doing addys bars script gets stuck standing near the belt and says status: pitch movement and than camera rotation but it wont move or do nothing
  10. czar how does the script travel to g.e?
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