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OSBot 2.3.47 - Grand Exchange API, Mega Patch Pack

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By popular request, the Grand Exchange API has been created. With 20+ methods in this new class, scripters are afforded a great deal of flexibility. Since this is brand new API, I'm sure there may be a handful of methods missing so please ensure you make API Suggestions here. To view the Grand Exchange API, click here.


@Alek's changes:

-Created GrandExchange API


@Maxi's changes:

- Changed BFSWalkableArea and CircularPathFinder to use an extension of java.awt.Point that uses a custom hashCode() method.
- Adjusted Widgets#isVisible to not only check for active root id's but also for drawn childs.
- Fixed camera event to turn to entities on the edge of the map viewport (previously it would not work for entities with a distance bigger than 15, it now uses position#isOnMiniMap().
- Fixed WalkingEvent to return if the next tile remains the same for a certain amount of cycles.
- Fixed MiniMapTileDestination#isVisible() and #evaluate to actually return correct values
- Added a failsafe in the InteractionEvent if minimap walking failed to use main screen walking
- Added a failsafe in the WalkingEvent if the minimap walking failed to use main screen walking
Have a great weekend and Happy Botting!
-The OSBot Staff
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