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  1. Wow so you play on 6 accounts at once at corp and your friend plays on the other 6 accounts legitly? That must be hard not to die!
  2. my account got banned too. only 2 day, using frost barrows.
  3. Can I plz have this method i wont tell anyone I rly need it my brother is really sick and stuff Idk how long he'll be here he would love to have his 8 year old account unbanned. thanks bro..
  4. CC94

    Frost barrows

    its not really that hard to setup dude.
  5. I am, he hasn't posted yet so I don't know if he knows its not working or not so just informing him.
  6. http://gyazo.com/d9c0fab9439af9f235da3284225c462e I keep getting this problem everytime I try to start the client.
  7. scripts aren't loading again. Hoping they fix it soon.
  8. yep the client isnt loading again. rip another day
  9. omg 2 days almost... gf 100m.
  10. Is it fixed yet bro??
  11. Okay tell me when its updated
  12. rofl yeah i was but it ran out cause waiting
  13. What the hell man it's still not running? It's been a day. I already lost 50m everyday plus my membership plus my script membership. It's not like you're even going to refund his for the wait.
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