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OSBot 2.3.40 - Dialogues, Pin Solver, and Patches

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Since the two behemoth releases introduced less than 48 hours apart, we've been working hard to ensure that the transition process has been going smoothly. Although I'm sure not everything is completely patched, we're starting to settle back into a stable state. Please thank @FrostBug for donating his account for the Bank Pin solver patch as well as finding the correct values for Prayer.




@Alek's updates:

-Complete patch and re-work of Dialogues API
-Hotfix for Chivalry and Piety 
-Patched and improved BankPin solver 
-Fixed Script Selector packing issue
--The interface should no longer get stuck
-Small gui update to booter
@Maxi's updates
-Further improvements to Widgets and implementation
--Visibility checks explored and evaluated
Have a great Sunday/Monday,
-The OSBot Staff 
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