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Kami's Feedback

  1. joney12 left Negative feedback   

    scammer! sent money and offline no reply !

    Kami was The Seller

  2. Dieze left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 10m quick and easy trade, thanks!

    Kami was The Buyer

  3. Muffins left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a 50$ RP card and he got some sort of skin he wanted! Good trader :)

    Kami was The Buyer

  4. smite yo ip left Positive feedback   

    sold another rp card very trusty

    Kami was The Buyer

  5. Shroombo left Positive feedback   

    did fcape for me fast af

    Kami was The Seller

  6. kuttenkopje left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for fire cape! super fast service and a king in firecapes low combat done

    Kami was The Seller

  7. smite yo ip left Positive feedback   

    sold 10 $ rp card to kami for 5m 07 good trade

    Kami was The Buyer

  8. Jake left Positive feedback   

    Was fast and reliable. I went first and went smoothly.

    Kami was The Seller

  9. Epsilon left Positive feedback   

    Did me a firecape, was very prompt.

    Kami was The Seller

  10. Savage left Positive feedback   

    Bought 20.6m for $35 from Kami, thanks!

    Kami was The Seller

  11. Gold4Rs left Positive feedback   

    Did a firecape on my pure, thank you :)

    Kami was The Seller

  12. Greengo left Positive feedback   

    Bought vouchers from him <# thanks so much

    Kami was The Seller

  13. uwf left Positive feedback   

    Did firecape for me, super quick!

    Kami was The Seller

  14. Nike left Positive feedback   

    Sold me 65m 07 Thanks

    Kami was The Seller

  15. Glass left Positive feedback   

    Bought a firecape off him decent price and extremely fast :)

    Kami was The Seller

  16. Jams left Positive feedback   

    Sold him 20$ RP & he did my firecape <3 thanks

    Kami was The Buyer

  17. kushad left Positive feedback   

    Done my firecape nice and fast A++++

    Kami was The Seller

  18. deathizpro left Positive feedback   

    Got firecape for me. Thanks!

    Kami was The Seller

  19. Jams left Positive feedback   

    He did firecape for me, thanks mate ;)

    Kami was The Seller

  20. Heisenberg94 left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic service, Thank you 5*

    Kami was The Seller

  21. Nike left Positive feedback   

    Bught 16m 07 THANKS :) GREAT SELLER

    Kami was The Seller

  22. Otters15 left Positive feedback   

    He was very professional. Got it done quickly after payment. Will recommend him.

    Kami was The Seller

  23. Nike left Positive feedback   

    Did Firecape for Me Thanks

    Kami was The Seller

  24. jdog1989 left Positive feedback   

    Did my firecape with ease. Absolute champion amongst men!

    Kami was The Seller

  25. Nike left Positive feedback   

    Did Firecape for Me Thanks

    Kami was The Seller

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