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  1. As I write some scripts for personal use, I figured I would upload them on github for anyone that wants to look at some source code. These scripts are/will be quick and dirty, but hopefully will prove useful for someone wanting to learn. They will not be compile ready, but should be a good learning resource for the OSBot API. https://github.com/rsdankmemer/OSBot-Scripts Scripts Currently Available: Auto Enchanter - Automatically detects which item you are enchanting and what spell is needed based on what item is in your inventory, no GUI required. Will run until out of runes/items.
  2. i still check in now and again to see what has become of botting
  3. sure, but that doesn't mean i stopped botting in between those times
  4. still not perma'd. don't believe everything people tell you
  5. link expired by accident, i updated it in the main post. also feel free to add me novak#2125
  6. was able to get grimnox up and running. ran into a few issues due to new windows installation and some windows settings. thank you!
  7. also VAC is targeting internals right now if you look at recent banwaves. Many injection methods and hooking methods are being detected recently. We use a special security measure with our external that keeps VAC from being able to signature scan the executable, which is 1000x safer than any internal
  8. Added aimbot and weapon settings file! Knife shows aimbot with low FOV and smoothing enabled. Deagle shots are triggerbot. AK47 is aimbot with high FOV and the lowest smoothing (more for raging).
  9. cheat update, radar hack added!
  10. I have a partner that helps me code and we decided on the name together. Thank you for the negativity!
  11. For those of you who do not know me, I am Novak and was a OSD/Scripter 3 on osbot for multiple years. Today I am launching my CSGO P2C known as Ninja Cheats. It is a private external CS:GO hack that has been undetected for 1+ years by VAC through private testing. Current Features: -Aimbot (with recoil control system, configurable by weapon!) -Aim Key -Aim FOV -Aim Smoothing -Aim Bone -Triggerbot (configurable by weapon!) -Trigger Key -Trigger Delay -Trigger Burst -Glow ESP -Radar Hack -Bunnyhop -Unique builds for each customer! Supported AntiCheats: -VAC3 -Matchmaking Features Coming Soon: -Sound ESP -Anti Flash Pricing: 1 month - $5 3 months - $13 1 year - $50 Lifetime - $100 For more information you may ask on the thread, PM me, or join the newly created discord channel at https://discord.gg/wRVAkd7 Terms of Service: There are no refunds once the product has been sent to you as this is a virtual product. Updates to the cheat are usually done within a few hours. If it takes more than 12 hours, you will be compensated with the appropriate amount of subscription time We are NOT responsible for any bans you incur on your account. Just the same as botting, there is always a chance to be banned. Having said that, our track record of being undetected for over a year speaks for itself If you are caught trying to reverse or debug any part of the cheat application, your login will be blacklisted and you will not receive a refund. Our anti debugging/reversing system will notify us if and when this occurs, so do not try it. Happy Cheating!
  12. Hello OSBot, Since apparently a lifetime rank does not stay lifetime anymore (Scripter 3), I am giving you the source to my old scripts for free. I have moved on to Apex Legends cheat making anyway, and I figure some of you can learn from the sawce. I have not touched these in a couple years, so things may be deprecated or broken and you might have to fix it (mostly widget stuff I would imagine). Source is not the best on some files, but it should be a start for most of you. Let me know if you have any questions. See you guys on the other side -Novak Oh PS some scripts were never finished or unfinished. Not sure which ones, cant remember. Like they wont have a UI or it is only partially done.
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