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Old man Timekeeper gettin' to old for this sh!t

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*Damns kid get off my lawn* *waves cane*





I'm heading off for my retirement gents. It's been fun, it's been real.


I might come back one day but for now I must wish you all adieu.


Obligatory farewell statement.


I joined this community back in December while I was trifling through all the various botting communities Runescape 07 had to offer and out of them all I think I felt most at home here. As time marched on as it always does, I found myself utilizing more and more time on OSBot engaging in the forums and with the community. Being a steady watcher in the disputes section, just watching from the sidelines as legends came and went. Even though 7 months is a very short time, it wasn't long before good ol' fashion nostalgia started setting in. 


Seeing all the staff who came and went, seeing all the community members come and go, it starts taking a toll on you especially when so many are considered friends. In one sense, it almost like watching the world pass you by. Then compounded with everything I have going on in real life, I just don't have the time nor the desire to sit around and watch all the ego stroking back slapping circle jerk behavior thar runs rampant on some of the various groups here. In August we break ground for a 2nd location for expanding my business in an oil boom town in west texas, which has been taxing more and more of my time as we get closer. 


This was quite an experience to say the least, and by no means is this goodbye forever. Many of you have me added on Skype and you will be able to still communicate there. Somewhere I am going to continue logging all my hard/elite clues upon completion because for some small reason (maybe its the gambler inside of me) I do still get a sense of excitement when solving clues.


I'm not one for line item goodbyes, where I single out everyone who I ever met, my friends know their my friends and well my not-friends know their not-friends haha.


My adventure had brought me here to OSBot, and I am glad we had the chance to meet, I rarely ever had any negative experiences here, but now my adventure takes me elsewhere and the sense of adventure I have within me re-ignites, I look forward to where my next one takes me, and I hope our paths cross again old sports.



Happy trails travelers,


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