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RIP Osbot and other botting clients

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Jagex plans to ban third party clients:

Any thoughts on this? Many clients like osbot, poopbot, and others I'm not aware of are doomed?
I believe it won't be possible to surpass? unless it's wrapped somehow to runelite client itself.

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You do realize that osbot vip user run in mirror mode.

And in mirror mode we connect directly to the old school original clients so no to answer the question osbot is not doomed XD

And I'm sure that if it did affect it one of the bot developers will just figure out a way to connect the bots to runelite :)

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25 minutes ago, Wishy said:

Mirror connects directly to the OFFICIAL OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE CLIENT.


I don't see them saying that client is being removed so😂


Botting will continue

See that's what I was looking for when they announced it I didn't see them saying they were gonna remove the old client but if you download the jagex launcher it has the option to launch the osrs client or the rune lite one when I try and launch the osrs one I get an error so we will have to pay close attention to there plans for the osrs client.

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We're checkmate, close forums and start self destruct sequence please.

Just kidding, it shouldn't change anything for mirror mode because it sends input through the regular client.

If it changes anything for Osbot it's probably in a good way since they are making it harder for the competition. I hope Jagex keeps doing this kind of stuff. 

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8 hours ago, maximiliano1 said:

Any proof on this? I don't know how mirror client works.


When using mirror mode you open both the bot client and the official Oldschool Runescape game client. You control everything through the bot client (as always) but instead of the bot client doing the performance in the client itself it actually mirrors the action to the official client.

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1 hour ago, Khaleesi said:

Mirror will work no matter what.
Stealth probably too, jagex loves spreading chaos and panic ^^

I think they will issue plently of bans in first week or so and things will die out. This is the same as happened with those RWT bans on buyers. Few got bans, some got warnings, but from I heard everthing went back to normal.

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