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  1. Its automatic. Once they auth it, you have 24hours I think ? - Cant remember if I asked this before. But I bought the 3-in-1 script. Do they get updated as these?
  2. Yea I semi agree with you on that one But you're the Chief! Still works flawless tho ♥
  3. Larsen

    Perfect Agility

    Aye! I noe Thank you very much Chief!
  4. Larsen

    Perfect Agility

    If this is as good as your thievier, I'd like a trial Got several agility scripts already. But its good to mix them up a bit haha
  5. Larsen


    Works amazing as always. Got firecape on my #12 account without problems. Only this time I did in Mirror mode. Its pretty easy to kill Jad without bot. Its just the waves that sucks haha. Thank you very much for this! Is there a plan to make jad killable in mirror? Or is it not possible? I dont mind killing him manually tho, but just asking
  6. Will bot get more pendants if run out? ^^ Thinking of buying this to own all your scripts haha
  7. How does the breaks work if splashing? Does the bot run away and logout, and run back to attack splashing mob or? Not home the next two days, so I just wanted to ask before i set it up
  8. Bought this without a trial first hehe Anyway.. When leveling up, it will click continue on the level message instead of just keep fletching (Which I find kinda sus). It also selects what to fletch with the mouse instead of just pressing 1 key on the keyboard :S I hope you planning to "fix" that
  9. If mirror probably 0% "stealth" is another story. And if checking for bans ets, why not just use the stock osrs client instead of runelite? Just to be extra sure
  10. You can use "Random Mouse Clicker" been using that for a looong time. But the past year ive been using the NMZ software from fluffsoft ^^
  11. Bought this before i went to bed. Woke up ready for dragon defender ♥ Awesome script!
  12. Pretty sure its against jagex rules to bot aswell. But we still do it haha I get all that. And ofcause Im not going to do it lmao... But theoretically I could? How would they know if its Me or someone who rented my account uses it? Since you can use this on mutiple computers at the same time lol.. Alright. Have a great weekend y'all
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