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  1. @Khaleesi Love this script. Has gotten me 99 a few times. And a few pets. But heres a lovely F2P Proggy https://prnt.sc/v69eke https://prnt.sc/v69emn
  2. Wishy

    WTB Bad Accounts

    Tell me a price and ill consider
  3. Hmm, i had 390 arrows in invent and 0 equiped. kept trying to attack
  4. @Camaro Possible to add Arrow Re-equip?
  5. Title Says it all really. No other major stats. No bans. Few Questpoints but 99 Crafting Also the price for 95 Crafting? Thanks
  6. Thank you❤ I'm not using the Dev Version of Osbot so I'm using whatever the new mouse feature is. I'm just gutted about the buy price of Ruby's. But I've moved on. And apparently will have 99 in about 85 hours. I was using 2 proxies that have over 100+ account bans on them. With Mirror Mode. In F2P!
  7. https://prnt.sc/v2fsga 100 Hour Proggy on 2 F2P Accounts. had to stop there as someone bumped up the price of rubys so the script wouldnt buy them. @Czar can something be done in terms of finding prices correctly? Even if the user can input what price the script should buy materials at? Would stop the script "Breaking" as such. TY
  8. Another One! 1-90 Crafting on 2 F2P Accounts. Over 10m Profit made https://prnt.sc/v1r3ci EDIT: 91 Hour Proggy - 91 Crafting - 2 Accounts - 120k Items Crafted! - 9m XP https://prnt.sc/v22wbs @Czar
  9. Bro I remember selling gold to guys in my school for £3/Mill but buying it for less than $1.50 I used to eat like a King in school, Probs explains why im fat lol
  10. So. Mirror mode attaches to the official client. As opposed to Injecting a client. So already. You are a little safer. But botting is 100% luck. I know guys who can go Update to Update botting Zulrah with no bans on hundreds of accs. Another friend of mine runs F2P Iron Ore bots that are banned after 24 hours and he has 100+ running. No matter what you bot. You'll get caught at some point. You bot 1 hour and it goes well. Then you bot 2. Still goes well. Then you think you'll bump it up some more. And thats when you get banned.
  11. Its luck. I have 2 F2P accounts thats have been running 60 hours straight I have a P2P account get banned daily
  12. Wishy

    WTB Bad Accounts

    Please post what you have here.
  13. As per the title. Im looking to buy accs with Random Stats, Nothing Crazy, few levels here and there! Not interested in accs with mad high stats. Most i want to pay per acc is 2-3m Combat Accs take priority! Post Pics and Prices
  14. Hey @Czar New longest Proggies? https://prnt.sc/v0qcwn Does this mean i win? Ps. Aiming for 100 hrs
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