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  1. Lol are you dumb? There's FREE REPOSITORY scripts. That members of the community made. We try keep them updated best we can. There's a script for every skill available I'd say there's enough progress reports of scripts to equate well over Billions of xp gained with script factory. Also. You didn't spend $44 on SF. Why you lying.
  2. Base 73 agility and 77 RC is about 70m 73 Agility, 77 RC+, GOTR Outfit, 40+ Attack & Mining & 31 Crafting (Or whatever the level req is) Is about 160-200m atm
  3. You are a loser... Honestly. Mad at Ptoject and demanding a refund because you cant report a bug correnctly to the writer of a COMMUNITY SCRIP. Project Stated many times, community scripts are not upheld by him. Script Factory is his script. Plus maybe 3 community scripts. Which last time i checked werent broken. Also, looking at your profile, im going to guess you are a child. Due to the dogshit comments you leave about scripts, because you as a USER are too stupid to read instructions. Get a life. Seriously. People like you ruin the fun for everyone else.
  4. 90% of scripts have a description inside of them. So you are full of shit. You are a desperate. Give it up. Tut Island works fine.... Oh and so does F2P Quests.... You are the type of person who reports a bug with no description of the bug. "It's broken" is the shit you would say. Sad.
  5. Nawh. I'm crying at how retarded this is. So because a COMMUNITY script doesn't work. That's Projects fault? Was he the Script Writer of said Community Script? Doubt it. Best thing I've read all week
  6. Vanilla client doesn't need Java 8 I believe. Try reinstalling java 8
  7. Generally, if someone is after a high content script, Nightmare & Cox, they have a mass of accounts ready, and 99.99% of the time wont use a public script.
  8. Are you like me and spend countless hours scrolling
  9. Why not include getting to 30% via Cranes?
  10. Really simple to use and mass load bots! Solid piece of work!
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