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  1. Looking to purchase an acc with DS2 Completed, or has all the stat requirements. No bans/blackmarks please. Un-registered is even better
  2. Wishy

    wBolt Enchanter

    wBolt Enchanter Script Support; > Opal - Onxy Bolts (Standard Only) > AFK Enchanting or High Intensity > User Friendly Input > Script Stop based on Parameters not being met (Out of Runes, Bolts or Mage Level too low) > Pop Ups telling you why the script has stopped. Required to Run the script effectively; > Start with the Correct Runes, Bolts and Elemental Staff Equipped > Chose either AFK or High Intensity > Sit back and Relax Script is Available on the Script Factory Script Network. Please Note, DRAGON BOLTS are not Supported Currently. Any issues please report them.
  3. I have a lvl 90 Agility HCIM I'd sell for 400m
  4. I mean. If you can show me that. I'll then believe you
  5. Can make these from Fresh for 30m ea. Takes 3-4 Days.
  6. Nah I was testing new scripts I'd made. This acc is still going. Hasn't been banned since 18th June
  7. As per my title, looking for 90k Iron ore to be mined and banked. Looking for a total price and timeframe. Acc gets banned and you replace the account (Exact same stats) and the 90k Iron ore. Currently 45 Mining (Acc has never been botted and is not linked to any botted IPs or Proxies)
  8. @JohnsSmithdisregard what Mancubus said. There's no evidence to support the crap he saying. You can bot with 0 as a budget. And find amazing success to expand. Exactly what I did. I now confidently make hundreds of M a week. Aswell as sell accounts. And don't invest any personal income into botting (Excluding VIP, but that's usually paid for by selling gold each month) You just have to start from the bottom and work to the top. As for botting on the Same IP as your main. Shouldn't be an issue considering they're on a difference machine. As long as none of your accounts are banned for RWT (resulting in a chain ban) you will be fine. Proxies/VPNs can help have bans quashed. I've got accounts with between. 5-8 bans quashed. All being perm bans. Please don't listen to people who are ill experienced or lack knowledge.
  9. Thanks for the mention. I sold the last one I had 2 weeks ago and haven't made any more
  10. These are priced wayyyyy to high.... Can visit most retailers for the same stuff for $6/Month. GL with sales tho buddy
  11. Easy to unban an account with previous bans if you know what you are doing.
  12. Well I mean. 6 days (in that SS) of botting nothing but Agility on a fresh HCIM level 3. I've actually botted Agility 1-80 in 10 days on this acc. That's all it's done. And hasn't been banned. What breaks did you take? Where you botting mirror mode or stealth? Where you in a high populated area? Where you using a private or public script? Did you bot and not talk at all during this time frame? Did you bot then play legit? Spend time using crap accounts to learn how to bot. Ask anyone like @ProjectPactabout some of the progress reports we get using Script Factory (this isn't a sales post) But learn man. You are gonna lose money before you make any.
  13. Learn to bot my dude. http://imgur.com/a/zNPCLMy
  14. Everyone is overthinking it. I believe this will be to do with Steam. Steam can monitor your background processes etc.
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