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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.5.10 - Web walking, AutoLogin

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Download Link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.10.jar

Added a handful of links and walking improvements to Web Walker, more web walker updates are coming soon. Please let me know how the new AutoLogin system is working/not working for you guys. 

-Updated AutoLogin
-Added amulet of passage @Lordsthan
-Settings API works on resizable
-Quests API works on resizable
-Map API works on resizable
-Main interface dependency works on resizable
--Pending new game screen clipping
-Added Killerwatt portal (w/ dialogue) (web walking)
-Added Mort Myre gate override (checks warning and quest started) (web walking)
-Improved Lumbridge Swamp cave link, checks warning message
-Added third floor Security of Stronghold links to web walker
-Various small web walking improvements related to walkability 
-Removed Skills closeGuide()
-Removed Skills isGuideOpen()
-Removed Widgets getGameScreen() (only a wrapper method)
--Use getWidgets(GraphicUtilites.getMainInterfaceId())

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