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  1. Samuxd

    71-175 QP

    SaintThamus#2757 could do for 55m in 2 days
  2. today, i could already have a place to work 14h per day probably for the first week, so any small job or without hurry is welcome... :3 SaintThamus#2757
  3. i have send you to discord im SaintThamus#2757
  4. Hi again dear Osbot members! I am happy to announce my return after almost 2 months of inactivity caused by my discouragement because im of Venezuela and as some knows we are going through hard politicals decitions, thanks to this, we can usually enjoy 15h of electric power per day... But as i said a the beginning i will be more active on the forum again... soon i will be publishing a cheap account since i will use the money to reinvest in my botting proyects.
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