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Lost my main, Now i'm back. i think . Random

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Hello i been botting since the good old day(2006). when paid scripts would never get caught making crazy money with 6 accounts all running nature runes(rs3 server back then) i miss you slade and nexus bots. good times. 

Botted my way up in osrs the new server. Quested, manual slayer and such but then my lazy ass used a agility bot and in a hour all my progress was gone.
i quit all accounts and went on and focused my goal of becoming pilot irl. Now that i am done with that i have so much free time(pilots barely work) that i thought of getting my old hobby of botting again. 

Will be getting the lifetime VIP after a little more research. 

My main question for you guys or opinion is. Did jagex win and finally find out how to always find bots or are there still good scripts that can be run 12 hours a day and not get a ban. (never botting agility again)

TLDR: Is botting worth the time in 2018. does mirror mode actually help. Do you have a main botted? can you point in me to good money low ban bot. 

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You're a pilot! That's pretty awesome, i'd totally love to do that.

As for botting, the real issue is that detecting bots is far easier than pretending to be human (this is why you can't talk to siri like you can another human). On jagex's side, all they need are some beefy statistical analysis tools. On the botting side, you would need complicated state of the art neural network/machine learning systems to get even close to replicating a human. Furthermore, Jagex has professional developers and a large amount of money - scripters tend to be hobbyists and work alone, and botting sites have comparatively little investment. 

If you look at it from this perspective, you can see that Jagex really do have all the eggs in their basket - it just seemed to take them until 2010 to act on this. This is why I bot with the assumption that my account is already flagged - avoiding bans is now keeping the sessions short and efficient to avoid your 'flag' being prioritised.


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