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  1. Need 4-5 accounts for the time being - MUST BE HAND DONE! Send me a price in DM or add me on discord: Jens#6857 Quests Avas: Varrock museum mini quest The Restless Ghost Ernest the Chicken Priest in Peril Animal magnetism NMZ: Grand Tree Tree gnome village Vampire Slayer Lost City Fight Arena Fishing Contest Cook's Assistant Recipie for disaster + RFD: Dwarf (plus 1 extra rock cake!) Magic cape 1 (give me a price for upgrade to magic cape 2) Skills 9-18 Slayer 1-31 Crafting 1-36 Woodcutting 1-10 Fishing 1-10 Cooking 8-70 Magic 1-70 Range 1-60 Defence 1-43 Prayer
  2. @Apaec Still haven't had time to add progressive mode?
  3. I have one for sell, added you on discord
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