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  1. You don't bot chickens on a maxed main. Good luck rebuilding.
  2. Hi Czar, thanks for the reply. Sadly Perfect Stronghold AIO doesn't appear on the OSbot browser, nor the OSbot client. I asked @Maldesto for a refund so I can purchase Perfect Fighter instead.
  3. Hi, I purchased Perfect Stronghold AIO on 11/25/16. But it's no longer visible in my OSBot client? Could I get Perfect Fighter as a replacement? Best regards.
  4. Did you use AHK for mining?
  5. Still selling? I'm looking for 250m.
  6. Combination of AHK and autoclicker. Most botting clients are detected. I got maxed combat using AHK in NMZ.
  7. What world and location do you advice (since Dual Arena is no longer possible)?
  8. Train some agility irl, your girlfriend will enjoy that.
  9. Fucking 20 girls in 2020 is your next project.
  10. Keeps me reminding of this song. Released just before the bitcoin bubble burst.
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