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  1. Thank you for the quick response as always
  2. Error in script executor! java.lang.NullPointerException at org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Entity.isVisible(mb:156) at org.khal.khalogre.f.COn.m(p:283) at org.khal.khalogre.KhalOgre.onLoop(hb:154) at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor$InternalExecutor.run(mg:59) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Got this error while running, cannon and attacking ogres. Was spamming my log and script stopped working.
  3. I got 99 cooking, magic, fletching and range using autoclickers, only banned once during cooking because of high ping and the bot started running around ge
  4. I think yes, haven't seen it happening
  5. It sometimes seems to pick up the cannon which cuts xp gains heavily... [WARN][Bot #1][12/22 10:19:44 AM]: Use custom breaks at your own risk. [WARN][Bot #1][12/22 10:19:44 AM]: OSBot is not responsible for any issues with breaking. [INFO][Bot #1][12/22 10:44:32 AM]: Repaired decaying Cannon @ 00:24:50 [INFO][Bot #1][12/22 10:44:33 AM]: Repaired decaying Cannon @ 00:24:51 [INFO][Bot #1][12/22 10:44:34 AM]: Repaired decaying Cannon @ 00:24:52
  6. Quests and requirements on fresh acc Waterfall, Fight Arena Vampire slayer the grand tree Tree gnome village Death plateau Mountain daughter ernest the chicken Priest in peril The restless ghost Animal magnetism from fresh account
  7. 66 combat gmauler with cannoned range Attack is fully quested 1 accounts stats 2. Questpoints 3. Wealth/items there will be no wealth left on the account but it will come freshly bonded 4. accounts offence status account has quashed 2day ban 5. login screen Account has registered email, this will be changed to yours upon purchase. I’m the OO of the account You will be going first or MM is used S/B 125m osrs A/W 200m osrs
  8. 66 combat with pool and ornate box mostly cannoned range
  9. serg Rambo

    Fruity NMZ

    Beast script got me another 99 range on the pure !
  10. 50 attack 70 str 79 range 66 hp 1 prayer attack fully quested edit: no registered email
  11. I do alch with ahk and cannon and wines with mouserecorder works great
  12. Quote on 1 pray 1 def fcape 79 range
  13. Script is not starting for me on mirrormode atm haven't tried injection
  14. It's working for me on mirror mode
  15. Maybe it has something to do with the 1000ms on mirrormode. I remember there was a way to put that down but I don’t remember how.
  16. Yeah this seems to help most of the time Lol yeah thats awkward thanks for the reply
  17. No it rightclicks potions not empty vial. Also it seems to get stuck walking from bank or when picking up barrel sometimes. I got default zoom and empty hands. Also logger doesnt show anything... and yes this is on mirror mode
  18. Sometimes it right clicks potion, selects use, and clicks on inventory a few times in a row before proceeding to drink energy potion.
  19. So you pay for cw tickets and get those stats+quests for 175k/ticket?
  20. The guy is just asking questions not even blaming anyone don't be so harsh
  21. Quested 50 att 82 str 86 range 31pray 83 constr 250m
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