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  1. thats your call. from what i've seen in the market, people wont pay too much for it.
  2. take valuations from people whoo have feedback and have sold accounts mate. trust me.
  3. looks nice, i like your desk.
  4. you got scammed lol, could get a vg pc for that
  5. 60 att zerker or a 60 att piety acc. so OP
  6. Guys word of note. DO NOT BOT ON ACCOUNT THAT YOU CARE ABOUT. You cant moan if you break game rules and get banned. You dont expect to rob a bank and get away with it with the police do you?
  7. @Dbuffed would reccomend the above. or @Hope
  8. can confirm own brand tastes like my asshole after a night out.
  9. can you add the Withdraw x amount? by single clicking it
  10. 10m depending on agility lvl
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