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Monthly awards

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Not sure if its possible with this kinda of forum m, but what about having monthly awards like “#1 shitposter” and “most active” or whatever anyone else thinks. 


The community will vote on who deserves it on the last 3-4 days of each month. Then that person gets a badge or something cool. Just something fun for this community.

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2 minutes ago, Darren said:

Should be able to implement badges or a 'mini-rank' on a monthly basis.

Would be nice, but I can tell it would be abandoned and become redundant after a few months

We would just need someone to keep it up every month. It would have to be different badges each month to keep it interesting though. Maybe like 2-3 per month tops

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  • Administrator

Fun Idea, I would win a lot of them though.

Would never do #1 shitposter, I would never want to promote stupid shit on the forums.

Maybe do Member of the month? Like the guy that helps the most, active, posts, nice, active in chat, etc. Gets 3-4 days as Member of the month, that comes with a colorful name + Mod perks in the chat box?

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