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  1. Just got a Draconic visage drop!
  2. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Money_making_guide/Barrows
  3. That's a really thorough criteria for advanced botting users such as ourselves. I'll be sure to apply your methodology in everything I do going forward on my journey to be the world's number one botting master! Thank you senpai!
  4. 80m bid via discord for account 1 Edit: I'll be looking to sell account 1 by the end of Friday
  5. Noted On 3/4 I think the attack is quested but the defence is not. They were just given some defence levels to survive fixing pouches via the abyss occasionally when crafting laws
  6. Noted Just taking offers at this point
  7. [SOLD] Account 1 - 99 Agility Skiller 83 Herblore 75 Crafting Full Graceful Quashed Ban Account 2 - Baby Zerker 83 Strength 70 Agility Full Graceful Accounts 3 & 4 - 54 Runecrafters 70 Agility 50 Mining Full Graceful All Pouches No bans Account 5 & 6 - Basic Quested Accounts (3/4 Avas questline, HFTD, Fight Arena, Waterfall, Tree Gnome Village, Witches House, Barcrawl) + 70 Agility Full Graceful 43 Prayer Account 7 - 75 Magic 50 Range 70 Agility 1 Defence Full Graceful Avas HFTD MTD-NMZ Squirrel Pet ~4m in wealth 2-day ban Account 8 - 79 Range 55 Magic 70 Agility 1 Defence Full Graceful Avas HFTD MTD-NMZ 2-day ban Account 9 - 90 Magic 70 Agility 10hp 46 Combat Full Graceful ~3m wealth no email set Payment: Accepting BTC and OSRS GP More accounts will be added as and when I have the willpower to retrieve them. If you have any questions feels free to message me, you can find me in the OSBot Discord. Jackthedon#4437 - 406514798856241157 Disclaimer: These accounts haven't been touched manually or otherwise for over half a year until now to take the screenshots and therefore I will take no responsibility for any infractions that occur after the sale.
  8. This. It's been called for many times and hasn't happened which would lead us to believe it isn't as simple as we'd think and/or isn't a priority. I honestly just value dev time higher than saving a couple of people 30 seconds. Just my opinion on your suggestion.
  9. I mean.....I wouldn't imagine someone would have a PayPal account and not know how to cancel a subscription. Might as well call it "Financial selection"
  10. I've never experienced it personally other than during the bot busting streams, although that proves that it's definitely possible so we can't necessarily rule it out. That being said, the fact that you could restart your client and then continue as normal does make it seem unlikely.
  11. That all sounds fine to me. So long as my feedback is well received and it helps further the quality of scripts I'm a happy bunny! I'll also fiddle around with anything that may cause an issue on my end in the meantime to see if I can isolate any reason for it to act differently.
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