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  1. You can frequently find me at Wintertodt. To summon me, just ask 'why fletch?'
  2. It's really just up to the preference of the buyer... I've made and sold a bunch of Todt accounts before and some buyers had the superstition that they would get better rolls if they opened the crates themselves, so again it's just dependent on the buyer. Typically yes, that's the average price you should expect to get. Of course it'd be possible to get near enough the best value but it could take a substantial amount of time, it just makes it easier to find a buyer when you've already got a foundation from selling
  3. Bulk account sellers offer deals for Wintertodt HCIM these days, plus people wanting that type of account would prefer to just get it serviced by an account made by themselves, so the price fluctuates pretty frequently from $50+ Assuming you've gotten 99 after getting the full Pyro set, it wouldn't necessarily increase the price as the skill's already done at that point - all it does is offer 2.5% boosted XP... Acquiring the Phoenix pet usually increases the overall value, but again it's dependent on the buyer The broken record saying is the more reputable and trusted you are,
  4. Alignment of avatars appear to be off as well
  5. If you dabble in the art of basic graphic/design all I need is something pretty basic. If you are competent in a pretty basic task, please add my Discord and I'll give you a brief example of what I'm looking for - you can then quote me the cost (any exaggerated prices will be ignored) Paying via 07, Paypal, UKBT or Revolut.
  6. Retaking orders! 10-15% discounts depending on the type of request
  7. There's normally seasonal/festive sales, seldom promotional - although now not as frequent as they used to be. If there's one upcoming then there will normally be an announcement by @Maldesto
  8. Give me my account back you slobbering oath :doge:

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