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  1. daamurda


    what happened he scam quit?
  2. Thats shitty, I used to enjoy bh pking. But recently then i got 60 atk and smite and am almost a maxed pure. I like rev pking now and clan shit. But i feel ur pain iv'e paid for a few 13 pray firecapes then got the accs banned or later got prayer on them after spending alot of gp for the cape and time prodding the accs. I'd hold off on doing anything drastic like prayer or def (incase u rage quit) for there update to see what they do. Cant just remove it without a replacement. that or it will be like real oldschool with no bh and just edge pking certain worlds without other rewards
  3. daamurda

    LMS halo

    how much would a lms halo cost? acc only has 20/450 points needed? thanks
  4. daamurda


    such autism, so wow
  5. good luck! i love seeing threads like this. Don't forget to keep us updated
  6. daamurda

    Hey all

    Hey man good luck if your gonna try and see how far you can get botting. Deff don't bot ur main again it will be a perm ban. Certain skills def have a higher ban rate, like agility and rc for example imo. Whatever you decide to do try and bot how a player would play if that makes sense.
  7. I haven't botted in awhile. Always get banned quick anymore. I'm waiting till i have more free time to try a few accs again
  8. Wow crazy giveaway! Hope everyone had a good xmas
  9. Made a little skiller nub to bot, first crate got tome of fire <3. Im feelin lucky about a phoenix pet b4 ban
  10. daamurda

    First 99

    Nice! Did you make your own script or did you pay for private one? Either way nice accomplishment.
  11. daamurda

    85-99 range

    Did you finish MM on it? if not you can chin still at the 1 pray spot in cave, its only like 280-300kxp an hr tho and expensive
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