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  1. wagwan brotha keep up the good work chief
  2. You could make the buttons the same red from the logo for color unity instead of gradients (but i dont mind the gradients). while negative space (empty space) is not your enemy, there is quite a lot. you can fix it by enlarging the text just a bit (1-2.5x) font is good but try out varying weights of it for the titles, such as the "why choose us..." maybe include a small content area under the membership boxes for other products available for purchase (small button perhaps) i think a dark theme instead would have been more logical due to the forums and theme of the client add a caption under the main client photo to help the visitor understand what they are looking at there is a lot of padding on the sides but you dont want to have a huge gap between elements on the page, unsure on how to fix this. perhaps enlarge stuff just a tad as well edit: for the tablet and mobile layouts: you dont need to put everything on these, i dont want to have to scroll down a super long page just to find the information i am looking for. try to just keep the main driving points of each section and condense them a bit so information is clear and precise on the screen overall nice job bud
  3. i respawn in lumbridge and gets stuck for me deathwalking
  4. no sorry i use zul-andra teleports but i also do get stuck when banking too.
  5. unlimited as long as ur vip+ edit: @Fruityjust so see this bc its an edit. ive been running into this issue since yesterday. After dying and walking up the Lumby bank it will freeze with the status never changing, running mirror with official client
  6. just beat cancer and dr's recommended me getting it will be trying to get it soon
  7. buying accounts easier than dealing with the headaches of locks
  8. ah didnt see your post/didnt read the thread first
  9. might be able to find one from lowendbox.com
  10. mirror just got updated with runelite so im not sure many people have used it currently imo there is no point to use it for the following reasons: possible ban increase due to plugins and the client more resources = less bots just got released so there are possible bugs and instabilities no point to use a 3rd party client for mirror
  11. is there no thread anywhere? there is nothing on our discord pm that shows what the account was sold for or anything so that is unfortunate. is 150M a fair price? i dont remember the account stats/qp/etc nor i do have any pictures of it, just throwing the ball on that price
  12. good, magic only would be slower
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