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Undefeated's Clue Scroll Solver is VIP NOW

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29 minutes ago, neusfluit said:

Well i had bought the script is it possible to get a refund then? because now it is free for me to use anyways?

No, you purchased the script a month ago, it was premium at the time,  the scripter was already paid for your purchase.

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10 minutes ago, nvrsince said:

the script is broken to shit, glad i got in while it still worked smh...

Yeah it's broken, but it still works somewhat, so I figured I would make it vip until it stops working completely, maybe someone can get some use out of it.

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43 minutes ago, Night said:

As per OSBot terms of use by uploading a script to the OSBot git it becomes the property of OSBot. I read these before I started scripting, I encourage other scripters to as well.


40 minutes ago, Chris said:


try out OSBot's AIO Dragons today!

But I want ChrisDragons :( 

3 minutes ago, Eliot said:

Technically allowed, but ethically questionable.

Thanks for the replies. :) 

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