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  1. Appreciate the work you're willing to put into your scripts still Before level 60 smithing, the coins are probably ok in the inventory since you have to pay the guy every 10min, but at level 60+ its just a waste of an inventory slot to hold on to them.
  2. Looks like you are fixing the dialogue, but it gets stuck at every dialogue selection when talking to Thurgo for the quest. I have no clue what the bots trying to do, but it takes forever trying to calculate a path after getting 30 smithing. Moves to a spot, stops and calculates, then moves again, and stops... repeat. It looked like it was going to walk all the way to Camelot. Even though it withdrew a Camelot tele from the bank. I ended up manually using it. It also HAD to have lobsters too for some reason, even though they don't have a use It can't WebWalk to the Blast Furnace after completing the cutscene on the boat crashing into the statue It hops worlds for the quests, so it would be nice if it would hop to a random BF world if we wanted to use the coffer and not worry about the pumps and stuff What does GE support do? Just resupply the ores? Can it buy stamina pots too? Varrock tele tabs? When the bot goes back to resupply and it tries to go back to the BF, it withdraws those lobsters again, and does the weird walking to Camelot. Can it just use the minigame tele or walk to the vault in the back left corner of the GE? Noticed that filling up the bucket of water also increases the value for the bars collected Just a couple suggestions: 1). Once the bot puts the ore of choice on the conveyor belt, can it run down to the bar dispenser and be ready to use the bucket of water on it? Right now it stands at the top until the bars are dispensed. It could be more efficient by having it run/walk to the dispenser after dropping off the ore, and having it ready to go by time the bars are dispensed. 2). This may be against osbots rules for SDN scripts, but could it be possible to grab accounts off a text file and load them up? Would be nice to have a list of ready-to-go accounts with members and supplies that your script can just grab and run
  3. Same issue. My own scripts Spits out a login response: 2, but never actually logs in like the response states.
  4. I get this everytime I start the script up
  5. Walk to GE at X time and trade player with X name? Maybe choose to continue botting, stop script, or crash client after trading? And the current world in the paint for easier muling/world hopping. Does the deathwalk/re-gear look for the gear in the bank, or will it restock missing items?
  6. Have you reset your script after adjusting the settings? Break Manager doesn't seem to change settings in the same session
  7. Is it enough to have it like this? https://gyazo.com/59fd56085e2bcf0882f38d00253b9a94 I haven't been able to figure out what its doing when in the src like this. I'm sure its fine, but it also created its own url shortcut to the repository Edit: Also is it necessary to have all the code of the library in my project too? That com.github part in the screenshot contains all the code too
  8. Would I build the maven this library has as a separate .jar file, and then add it to the project like how I would with OSBot at the start of a project? I think I found the precompiled jar version of this library. Similar to what I asked Chris, would I then add it as a library like how OSBot is added at the start of a project?
  9. I've tried to integrate a library off of github last week, and I'm now stuck and not sure what to search to teach myself I have the code in my project, but I can't seem to call it and use it yet. I'm assuming I got it in there correctly too The library also has a Mavern, but I'm not sure what it does. After looking it up, there seems to be a default Mavern people build, but I'm not sure what they then do with it, and the Mavern for this library is obviously different than just the standard one. If I have to, I'd be down to pay someone 5 or 10 bucks to work with me and teach me how to get it integrated.
  10. I see you have a 2 declarations for the bronze bar button. One for null checking and another for interacting. You can just use the interacting declaration and null check that instead RS2Widget bronzeBarsButton = getWidgets().get(270,14); if (bronzeBarsButton != null && bronzeBarsButton.isVisible(){ bronzeBarsButton.interact("smelt") //your sleep } Edit: Just an FYI too, you don't need a sleep for webwalking. I did the same thing when I first started off too, but then realized its not going to continue reading lines until webwalking is done
  11. Whats your ban rate on mirror then? Did the accounts bot multiple sessions, or just the 1 and weren't touched again? Same amount of time botting?
  12. Well I was just showing you how to shorten your code a bit But you could probably grab the object ID when its visible/your next object you need to interact with and do object.interact(); and not put in a string, so it will just click that object regardless of what action is has, or if it even has an action
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